Nearly a week gone on Victoza

Coming up to a week on the new drug victoza not felt as hungry as I usually did although this morning I had 2 bags of ready salted crisps after my breakfast, 21.19 last night 9.15pm my blood sugar reading was 6.3 that was after a later tea of 2 potato scollops from the fish and chip shop also had a slice of bread and butter.

the very high readings of 14 plus have not happened since I started the new drug and all in all I feel a lot better in myself although I feel very cold right now, it is dinner time and to be honest I do not feel hungry although I know I should eat something.

I need a shave but also feel a little tired the tummy rumblings have clamed down and hopefully the full side effects as described in the blurb have not materialised yet although I am on the smallest doseage to begin with I am sure cuting down on the insulin is a good thing.

Boredom is my biggest enemy during the day the wife works and I have nearly 9 hours a day with just the four walls to talk too, not healthy I know need to make an effort to get out and walk around a bit more,I see Mr Clinton has just had two stints put in his artery I had 5 years ago the procedure is not one to be recommended, I wish Mr Clinton a speedy recovery.

Saturday will be a week on the new drug, although I have to inject myself three times a a day now it seems worth it well any improvement is to be welcomed even if I feel like a guinea pig sometimes.