Victoza 5 months on

At the beginning I was troubled by having to take another injection each day along with insulin, after a while it becomes second nature get the almost forgot to take it times did I take it or not syndrom do I really need it doubts and here I am this overcast morning after the hottest day of the year yesterday 29 degrees chatting about it.

Being a natural worrier change any change plays on my mind I like routine so I know where I am going and what ot expect, in the beginning the new drug victoza really curbed my appetite and I could sit down with a meal and get full up long before I use too less food means less weight or does it, I also had a feeling of well being felt good in myself not sure if this was down to the drug or me just getting on with the situation.

This feeling of well being lasted about 3 months and the being full up long before you try to finish your plate of food was great but like the poet said no idea who all good thingsd come to an end, was it keats of shelly you tell me, I cut my insulin dosage down to 50 units morning and evening and that felt good in itself, but that is where it ends, over the past 6 weeks I have started to get more hungry can eat more than I did when I first started the drug and the feeling of well being has really gone.

My blood sugars have stated to rise again and I am having to increase the dosage of insulin especially when I get up due to high readings as much as 9.8 I take some of the blame for this my wife loves midnight feasts take last night half time in the England vs Mexico friendly an advert came on shownig a bacon butty smothered in some sauce or another, well that did it by 9.20pm there we were sitting watching the second half of the match bacon butty in hand cup of ea in the other happy as two sandlarks at Blackpool beach.

I pleade with my wife but being a downtrodden man I gave in and sat with her chewing on danish bacon heinz tomato sauce is that good for you or not, me thinks no not at 9pm anyway as predicted my blood sugars are high and I feel guilty not sharing a moment of pleasure with my wife but eating a bacon sandwich, should I blame the TV company for tempting my wife should I have put my manly foot down and said no you have to be a braver man than me to do that.

I guess after 43 years of marrige happy as a bird in a bird bath on a sunny day what is one bacon sandwich in the great scheme of things.

Soon be 8am victoza time as you can probably guess I do not feel hungry at the moment the wife has drove off to work for the day and I am left alone with my thoughts regrets and taste of bacon in my mouth.

From a hammy Ramundow have a good day

Chuckles sounds like my hubby, he loves his cake and will back one up and then eat the whole thing in a couple of sitting yet has nothing to show for it, yet a bit of it and my numbers are not looking good at all, even if I take an extra shot of insulin to cover it (it doesn’t always do what I think it should). Oh well tis part of life and after so many years together I am sure she is aware of how it is for you, then again maybe not my dad still get my mom sweets that have been of late shotting her levels to 7 instead of keeping her numbers around 5 that they have been for the past 5 years of her life.