Day 5 with DexCom 7


Today has been weird! My DexCom 7 beeped at me saying I had a high BG ... So I went to my bathroom where my Ultra meter was... I checked my BG... It was 264.... I guess when I ate breakfast I didn't take enough insulin thru my insulin pump... I didn't want to take too much insulin because I was doing laundry and I didn't want to go low.... Now my DexCom 7 reading been around 135 to 110 since the beeping high reading..... I have been testing my BG with Ultra meter 4 to 6 times a day plus I have been calibrating 3 times a day... One thing I have learned about my insulin pump.... I wear low raise jeans and I wear big shirts for not getting it caught with my clothes..... It works.....

Also I just talked to Denise with DexCom rep.; she wanted to do some training with me but I told her I was to impatient and did it..... But I told her I wouldn't mind getting some training on the DexCom 7 and the sensors..... Just email when she can do the training..... I live in a small town and I don't get to go to a big city very often... Like very three months when I go to see my Endo in Wichita..... She was very nice to talk to! I love my DexCom 7!