Going on the Dexcom today!

I'm getting training today for the Dexcom. Hopefully, I will have better luck with Dexcom then with Minimed. Yesterday, my pump was saying I was at 46, so I go and test and I was at 479. Off by 400 points. Can't wait to learn all about it.

I hope it works well for you. But I do have to tell you that once, when I got a 350+ reading that seemed unlikely, I washed my hands and tested again, and it came back at a much more believable number. Which is not to say that my MM hasn't been way off too. When that happens, I figure the sensor is dead, and I change. But on the other hand, maybe the Dex will be more accurate for you -- I'm contemplating the same thing, but so far, my insurance has denied my request -- I got a new endo and he's going to send another letter, because my other endo's office (an APN) simply said my diabetes was under excellent control, and that does NOT convince insurance that I need a CGM at all. Doesn't matter that I've had 5 lows in the 40's and 50's that I didn't feel until they were full-force, and the MM didn't catch AT ALL -- not just a lag but a complete failure. This APN merely looks at my A1c and decides all is good -- doesn't matter if I'm having highs or lows; it all looks good on the A1c. Which is why I changed. Anyway, didn't mean to turn this into a rant -- I wish you good luck and peace of mind!! :-)

Congrats! I got my Dexcom last week. It was love at first sight.