Day from hell yesterday

I got up at 4:30 am so we could get to airport by 6 to catch my flight back home. Get to airport, go to check in and I find out my flight has been canceled due to weather, since I got there early enough they were able to reroute my through another airline and another connection. Northwest tells me the flight they got me on through American is leaving at 7:45, ok no biggie, only 35 minutes later than I was supposed to. So I get down to American and get checked in and they tell me the flight has been delayed until 10:15, ok again no biggie as I still had enough time to make my connection in Dallas/Fort Worth (I HATE that airport). I had enough time that I went to get me some juice to take on the plane in case I went low. So I go through security and I get chosen to be patted down and my bags searched, again no biggie as I had a doctor’s statement and had no problem with juice or any of my diabetic supplies. I am taking all this in stride. So I get through security and waiting for the plane to board, we board on time and then we end up waiting for an hour on the plane as people decided not to get to the airport to last minute and Kansas City International is one of the busiest airports and security lines have a tendency to get backed up (always wise to plan ahead if you are flying through KCI). So we end up leaving an hour later than we were supposed, we are supposed to land at Dallas/Fort Worth at 11:55, connecting flight is 12:35. During take off my blood sugar goes to low (always happens at bad times), I had pulled my juice out of my bag ahead of time and put in the pocket of the seat in front of me. Again no biggie, wasn’t sure how low I was but I felt myself getting the classical signs for me of low sugar. Drink the juice I am feeling better. So we land in Dallas/Fort Worth at 12:25. They request that anyone that has several hours to wait for connecting flight that they stay seated and let those of us out that have little time to catch connection. So I get off the plane and this other girl is on catching the same connecting flight as me, so we take off running to the tram and get on it, we have to go from terminal C to terminal A. We get off the tram and start flying through the airport and people are literally moving out of our way as both out bags are flying around. I have my laptop case and my diabetic case with me which was literally stuffed with every thing. I also have asthma so as we are running I start having an asthma attack and then again classical signs of low blood sugar (before i got off plane i was at 106). So of course, the running has to cause me to crash. I just concentrate on staying awake and not passing out as I am running. Get to the gate, and I tell the lady at the counter what is going on so she ushers me to the plane and gets me settled, I explain to flight attendant I need orange juice and some packets of sugar. She starts to panic and wants me to get off the plane and go to hospital (obviously never dealt with diabetics before). I tell her no I just need some juice and sugar, so she goes to get it for me and I get my blood sugar up. We take off on time and thankfully the rest of that flight is uneventful. We land in Huntsville (where I wanted to end up at) and I got baggage and I watch all the bags going round and round looking for the hot pink bag (hard to miss, so bright). It never comes so I go up to American Airlines and there is about 10 of us on the flight that had lost luggage. Thankfully they got it to me today. I was supposed to be back at 10:30 yesterday morning, got home at 4 and oh yea, my boss calls me while I am racing through Dallas/Fort Worth asking me to come into work and he goes to me well I guess I can finish the day off if you can’t come in. Hello I just told you I was in Texas, several hours away from Alabama.

Sorry about your ordeal… plane trips are always scary with diabetes, specially lately when they seem to be almost rationing meals in flight.

Sorry to hear about that… but also glad you’re ok now… Happy new year!!! Hope to chat with you soon with robert…

My goodness Cody, what a day! I bet you were glad when that day was over!
Thanks for adding me as a friend. I’m a newbie and still have to find my way around here. :slight_smile:

Welcome, great place to be for advice and help