Day One Already in Love!

I am now officially on the pump and I LOVE it. Next is the CGM :) I can already see how this will make my life sooooooooooooooo much easier

You will really like your pump in a few months, you will develop a bond with that little machine and it will reduce stress even some you my not have even known you had.

Good luck

Yeah, I feel the same way about my pump. I initially really disliked the idea of going back on a pump last year. I had had one years ago and hated it. But they have gotten better enough that, for me, the investment was worth it.

There is a learning curve - you will have some serious highs and lows and failed infusion sites and other issues. But each failure is a learning experience, and you will use those to prevent issues in the future.

Also, with the pump, the highs and lows were (for me at least) less severe than when I was on MDI. On MDI, I could never really get my dosage right, mainly because I am insulin sensitive and one unit can drop me like a rock under the right circumstances. With a pump, I deal with such small units that even a slight over-correction just drops me enough to feel a little lousy but not so much that I'm unconscious.

Good luck and maintain patience and you embark on this journey. It's well worth it.

what type did you get ? and congrats, but don't over do it, maybe get used to the pump then think about the CGM, try it out but yes I agree it will definitely make life easier.

Welcome to the wonderful world of pumping! I love it and can not even imagine doing MDI’s again. The CGM took a little while to get used to. You have to figure out how it works and thinks. After some trial and error and alot of frustration, I like it as well now. Never treat or calculate a bolus from those readings though. It’s been about a year for me. My favorite part is when someone asks what it is and I get to show off the technology. The scary part is educating hospital dr.s and nurses who have no idea how it works and what it does.

Congrats on pumping, and planning on using the CGM. They are both life changing tools, and you'll wonder how you ever managed without them.

Thanks everyone..... It's day 3 and I can't believe what a difference it makes. Tomorrow I change it out for the first time. Keeping fingers crossed all goes well. Next week I go back for training on the CGM. I have it sitting in the box staring at me :P Someone asked what type I got it's the Medtronic.
It's not just the equipment that has me feeling good. My care for the first time in seven years since being diagnosed is on tract. I spent the last seven years in a fog just trying to figure out what was going on. My Doctors had me doing MDI along with 2 large dose of Levemir 58 in the morning and 28 at night. When I started with my current Doctors the first thing they did was cut my Levemir to 20 and 20 and increase my humalog scale so it was more in line with my basal.
When they changed things up I stopped having soooooooooooo many lows and highs. Now it feels like I can do this. :) I am one VERY HAPPY PUMPER :)

Congrats, pumping is REALLY a life changing and for the better situation. I love my pump, and would NEVER want to go back to MDI. I too am pretty insuliin sensitive, and being able to take smaller amounts, has made a huge difference in the number of lows I have. And they are much easier to fix. Totally love it.

I still don't know what pump you got ? I'm currently on the fence but leaning to the new version of the omnipod once it finally gets FDA approval. I think they are trying to pair it with the Dexcom CGMS which could be good.

I am using the Medtroinc Revel. Day 4 and I am still loving IT :)

Congrats, I'm glad you are still loving it.

Wow :) this is a GREAT SHARE. Thanks

I got cgm and my a1c went from 6.9 to 5.7 % I Used to keep my sugars high at night for fear of night time lows. Now I got it set to flatline all night.

I also never knew that at mealtimes I was pegging at 220 before coming back to normal. This is something I never knew was happening. Now I Bolus 25 min before eating instead of 10 or 15 like I did before. It is really nice to be able to see highs and lows coming before they get extreme.

I like you always made a point of going to bed with my sugar high. I was dropping 4-5 nights a week. It got very scary. I am looking forward to using my CGM.
I am no longer worried about night time lows, if fact last night my sugar was 109 at bed time. Crazy but I slept like a baby :) Now that Levemir is no longer part of my treatment the worry about lows have pretty much ended. :)