Hated It

How do you do it? My Dr. had me wear a CGM for 3 days to “see where your blood sugars are at”… meanwhile I give him a detailed Excel spreadsheet at every appt with my b.s., my insulin dosages, my meals (in detail). I couldn’t wait to tear the thing out of me. I hated it! So uncomfortable, so intrusive. I currently test using my glucose monitor 4-8 times a day. I exercise quite a bit (avid cyclist and personal trainer) and I am very organized in charting and detailing my routine (food, insulin, exercise etc). I told him there is no way I will ever wear a pump (I take 4 shots a day and it doesn’t bother me). I just despise the “cyborg” idea of having something plugged in to me all day. Sorry guys, but just had to vent my opinion.

You will be assimilated! Wear the CGM! Resistance is futile!

I just saw your page and that your A1C wa 8.3. If I was you, I would give the pump a try. My A1C dropped from 8.1 to 5.2 after only 2 months on the pump. I feel so much better and have so much more energy. You get used to being wired.

Insulin pump is a personal decision most definitely. I was doing MDI’s for several years and finally went on an insulin pump. My sugars have been absolutely amazing since I got on the pump. All my A1C’s have been in the 5’s since I went on it in April. But you have to be willing to accept something attached to you all the time. Personally it took me about a week to get used to it. I was out one day and my infusion set came out and I had no extras with me and I felt totally lost for about 3 hours while it wasn’t on. The pump does give me better control.

Hi Lisa,
I had to smile when I read your post. You sound like me. And Terry frequently makes me laugh. He has such a great sense of humor. For a little over a year i said i would never wear a pump. I was so tired of so many things hanging on me. Then I talked to Landileigh and some other friends and finally made an appointment to see my doc. It was set up for this week and they just called me to reschedule for next week. He has a family funeral to go to out of town. So now I can hardly wait to get in to see him and get the prcess started. To be honest I never minded the shots. The biggest factor for me is when I was told that other things would be a lot healthier for me. Mainly my kidneys and heart will do a lot better with smoother control. So whatever you decide is okay. If in time you change your mind though, no one will rub it in.

I shot up for 36 years and pumping for 6 years and I truly feel the pump is the best form of insulin delivery.

I also used the CGM on and off for 6 months and it truly annoyed me and I felt like I was testing constantly to see if it was accurate. Another thing that annoyed me was that you could not really prevent a high from happening if that is where you were headed anyway and seeing the high number on the screen for hours on end just annoyed me more.

My last A1C was a 6.3 without the CGM, so I did not continue to use it. I feel that the medtronic CGMS needs to improve on its’ accuracy and be more of a realtime reading before I go back to it and right now I am in an appeal process to pay for my ten sensors that I bought.

One other thing the site from the pump, I hardly ever feel, but the CGMS bothered me big time.

I went from 7.1 A1C to 6.2 after 2 months on the pump!!! I highly recommend it, it seems to give me that extra little edge I need. Plus the bolus wizard is incredible! Your meter can send your BG automatically, then enter your carb intake an poof insulin is calculated and delivered! 1 shot every three days!!!


Hello! I am sorry you feel that way about the pump. I have never used the CGM before; can’t comment on that.

The only thing I can say is pumping is great! I didn’t want to be on insulin, let alone a pump. It works for me but may not work for you. I use the Omnipod (wireless) insulin delivery system and I wouldn’t go back to MDI’s if you paid me.

If you ever decided to start pumping, look around for the best pump for you. It does take some getting use to! But it becomes apart of you.

Well, it’s different for everyone. If you don’t like it, don’t force yourself to wear it. I have found that it helps to have great training on it! I love mine. But others feel like you do. Maybe someday they will have something that everyone likes. :slight_smile:

Hah, actually one of my friends calls me “Cyborg” because of my insulin pump.

I love being on the pump, and can’t imagine myself taking shots again. For me, it’s a lot easier. But, to each his own.

The CGMS you were put on might have been one of the larger “diagnostic” models. I swore them off after wearing one, too. But the ones on the market are much more user-friendly.

Thanks everyone, but I just know its not for me. I’ve been on shots for 36 years and have no problems with it. Sure, my A1C’s are a lil high, but I don’t have ANY side effects (after all this time!) and I feel pretty energetic and healthy. I’ve even done 2 clinical trials (one for fast-acting bolus, and one for inhaled insulin) and with all the poking and prodding they do, still no longterm effects, so I guess I’m lucky. I just can’t imagine having that thing stuck in me all day. I really couldn’t wait to tear it out… It’s funny because everyone I know who pumps loves it, but I just can’t see it in me. Then again, I also don’t have an ipod, iphone, and my cell phone ONLY makes/receives calls. LOL…

I would say that being plugged into the pump is probably the biggest thing that concerns most people before they start pumping. Which is a valid concern, and all the what if’s that go along with it. I would say that most people who have started pumping with the “always connected concern in mind” would tell you that it quickly disappears and soon you totally forget that you are connected at all.

The CGM is a different story. If you are not at least a little technologically inclined CGM can be difficult and is often difficult to those who are very into technology. I love gadgets but setting up CGM takes the most time and patience, however once it is set up I leave it in for 20 plus days so that I don’t have to deal with setting it up as often.

I was a 7.1 before pumping and 5.7 after so it does help and the amount of data that a pump contains is very helpful.

As Terry said you will assimilate, maybe not today but you will!!

Diabetes management, the level of BS/A1c control you’re comfortable with, and what tools to have in the arsenal (MDI, pump, CGMS, diet strategy, etc.) is very much a personal decision (especially so far as having devices stuck in you!). I’ve been a T1 for 32 years, 22 of those years on the pump…decided to go on the pump (after 10 years of MDI) because shots were not achieving the level of BS/A1c control I was satisfied with (and believe me, I tried everything to optimize my control with MDI/diet/excercise to avoid going on the pump!!!). The pump’s been great for me achieving BS management goals (5.6-5.7 A1c for many years, and have no diabetic complications), but it has created other challenges, especially low blood sugar management (I have hypoglycemia unawareness), which is the reason why I’m also using CGMS now. Good luck!

I’m with Terry on this one LOL

As active as you are the pump would be a great bennifit. By being able to slow down your basal rate(long acting insulin) to avoid lows or having to eat all the time to keep your BG up. Like you I resisted. I am now on the MM pump and CGM it helps me id lows faster and highs b/4 they get out of control completly. My insulin requirments droped more than 1/2. A1Cs in mid to upper 7s b/4 the pump now mid 6s for last 15 mo.s. I am an active person I work outside and walk 3 to 5 times a week. Give it a chance if you hate it you can always go back to shots.

Lisa, never say never. I’ve lived with D for 50 years and was so happy to be able to pump after 40 years of shots. I’m not trying to convert you but I know how mundane life can be regarding routines and having to perform them every day.