DB Meetup #8 - The Dixie Chicks

What a fun afternoon I had! Had lunch with Molly and her supernatural, out-of-this-world service dog, Dixie.

Molly is a special ed teacher and outdoor enthusiast and lives just across the border in Wisconsin. We had been intending to get together for some time, and it finally happened:


I got there a couple minutes early and could feel the handle slowly turning on the waterworks. She and Dixie came in the door and I only cried a little. How blessed we are to have people in our lives who can mean this much.

We had a lot to talk about - Molly's upcoming canoe trip to the rugged Quetico Superior wilderness in northern Minnesota; Dixie and her training; the Paleo food plan, which Molly has been following for awhile; and various diabetes things. Molly was diagnosed in 1975, the year after I was.

The poor waitress kept coming back and asked if we were ready to order. I don't think we even opened the menus for quite some time. So nice.

Molly had on a funny shirt:

Sorry, I couldn’t get it to rotate.

The ever devoted Dixie:

And now I am an official Dixie Chick. There is a fourth - Molly’s other dog, little Ella:

When I was walking to the restaurant, a boy on the street gave me a coupon for a free piece of pie. We got the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup flavor, but only had a couple spoons each.

I also found out in our conversation that I can’t use the cable from my One Touch Meter to load bg results into the Apple computer. Certainly saved me from a meltdown on the eve of my next doctor visit.

Molly and Dixie waited at the bus stop with me as we continued the chat. Actually, that was one of the rare times that I regretted the bus was on time…

PS You can find Molly at Tu Diabetes
and also her blog

I'm so glad we got the chance to finally meet!
Dixie and I had a GREAT time.

You are officially a Dixie chick. An awesome one.


Awesome! I am so jealous. Really.

awwwwwwwwww Dixi!!! What a sweetheart! I wanna be a dixi chick!

Hi Kathy & Molly, I sure wish I could have joined you for your meet-up! When I got Diabetes almost 20 years ago, I was inspired by the blogs you both wrote, and of course I fell in love with Dixie. When I later found TuDiabetes, I loved it for the education, friendships and because I could post photos of some of my dogs. Wendy, the Dachsie, was the only one that has ever actually alerted, though all three of my Goldens will give me weird looks when my BG is off. I look in their faces, and if I see weird... Anyway, thanks Kathy for the photos and this blog; I still get inspired and still love the great Dixie from a distance. I expect little Ella is also a great dog and will make her mark on the world, so to speak.

Kathy - I wish I was a fly on the wall at your lunch w/Molly and Dixie. I also wish I was a fly on that pie. Dixie seems like a wonderful companion for Molly. I really enjoyed your blog.