Depressive Lady Weirdos Do Lunch

Hey Judith,Bonnie
Let’s do “The” lunch!:)LOL!
I’m stuck in some middle age,middle of the world muck. I’m a mess once again. This time it is allergies!
Darn pine trees,pear trees and I guess “P” trees!
Have to go pick up glasses today… Let’s try to set a date to yak and pull our world together.
Anyone want to join us?
We ought to go over to DiabetesTalkFest and slide into the lounge on some specific day and “Party”

Hi guys not sure about “chatting” and how it works but would love to give it a go, I am starting work soon so my schedule will be up in the air. I going back after it being closed for a re-model. The kitchen looks great.I am a cook by the way. I myself am having allergy problems from trees blooming, yucky trees…I think we all beat ourselves up in life.I am trying to not be so hateful towards myself and give myself the chance to fail and not get crazed about it.You both take care and let’s be good to ourselves.

Judith!!! I had “Persian” friends back in Oakland when I was a youngster( around 20 yrs then.) LOL! Sucha small world and so many things going on:(
Let’s try a chat:) What days or evenings are good for you?

I am getting home around 8 or 9 pm and usually have to get up at 4:30 am…yuck. My feet are killing me but the money is good and the boss is pretty indulgent to me. I had an Iranian friend in high school too…Most of the people left her alone because she was popular before all the Khomeini business. I liked her because she would tell us about how women were treated in her country and her father actually didn’t believe in all of the things that were going on in the country and let his daughter have an Americanized name. I thought he’d be stiff and formal but it was great to go to her house because the mom and dad were soo cool…I last heard that she got married to an American and her parents were okay with it. That is really weird the we all had Iranian friends. I guess that makes it a very small world.I am supposed to be off on Weds. I hope it’s very stressful at times. And it is more fun than retail I did both too.

Shall we try for Wed the 26th? or would you all like to pull together on the hotmail or yahoo instant messaging? I’d love to yak!

(Meadowlark YELLING!!!) Does a chug really help??? Does it matter what kind/brand etc???
I just tested and am clocking my meter in at 241 this morning after breakfast and 201 at noon…just not hungry enough to eat. I’ll test again later and then eat.

Sorry, nope it doesnt take the tudiabetes name and password:but I was able to use them when I signed up:ppppp hee hee! You will be asked to choose a name and a password, it is easy to do:)
so what time of day will be good?
I’m on the east coast. South Carolina… where is Bonnie? You are on the west coast… I still think we can get together:)

hmmm… should we better look at the work schedule for a day off instead? Bonnie?
The chat is available 7 days a week. We could choose another time to slide in…
Meanwhile, how are things going? I’m in total frustration with my numbers and the thought of maybe seeing a different dr. Not that it is going to change much. I’ve reached a point where I want to find some way to balance out this “D” act with a bit more humanity instead of living totally opposite of my family. I feel very alone for being in a large family.

Hi gals, Well I live in I guess it’s the East Coast and I have off {supposedly} so whatever time I will try and make it there. I have my computer with me since I got a lap top(my son crashed the other one) I’m making payments and hopefully own this one outright. I really like the CHUG too but I am having problems with the kidneys and I’m not really sure if I could drink I like white zinfidel (sp) with a little fruit flavor. My hubby and I enjoyed a few glasses from time to time before stinky (he’s 4) was born but not too much since then. Never seem to have too much time for fun anymore wonder why???(did I mention he’s 4) hehehe… ah well at my age you play you wind up preggers… Ugh menopause sucks at first you get hormonal than you get hot then you get weepy and depressed then you get manic… Well I would love to chat with you all on Wed. I will make it back to the blog tomorrow it might not be until later Tues. night but I will be there…

Awesome Bonnie!
My youngest is 3 yrs old and my oldest at home is 15:) total of 6 kids still at home:) I know what you mean. I’m looking forward to the chat!
Judith, was 6 plm your time ok?

LOL! Judith:) You make me smile!
It’s gonna be fun to sit and yak with you and Bonnie tomorrow.

Not too much of a youngster I’m 45 and already a grandmother and an aunt. My kids are 4 (boy), 11 (girl), 20 (boy), 25 (girl) also 9 (g-son) ,8(g-son),3(g-son),2(g-son),2(g-daughter),and 1 g-son on the way.

Hey Judith and Bonnie,
It was great to see you in the chat tonight. I’m sorry it was faster than I expected. Maybe we can choose another time when it is slower. I’m in alot of pain tonight. It is so weird and not like me. I’m a big baby with pain.

Yes it was a bit fast also my modem was shutting down…I thought it was the kids but I dunno now…My feet and legs get swollen still but I’ve been taking 2 fluid pills at night and keeping them elevated when I can so far a few pains but like you said the show has to go on…I once has gangerene (sp) in my big toe and worked on it It hurt like hell but you gotta do what you gotta do…How are you now MeadowLark?? I hope better…I just watched The Mist last night It was almost like Stephen Kings story but at the end it was different…

I’m feeling better today. Finally figured out part of it lastnight. Darn Pollen at is again! LOL! sinus pressure headache. Of course today, my next issue… “cycle time” Why does that one manage to sneak up on me after all these years??? Still, cruddy joint pains at my shoulders and hips. sigh… I’m too young for this!
Hey off the wall question? I’m horrible at “fashion.” I need help!!! ugh… I’ve an odd shape body and a desperate need for some new clothes. ( a trip to the thrift shop on the horizon!)
What should I look for? with a wierd body shape? I’m 40 - big tummy - 42/44 hips. I like to wear shorts or calf length skirts in the summer. Most comfy in t-tank or loose tops that dont fly up when the wind blows. I even like just wearing plain pull over dresses that are T-length. Problem… Most of the time… I cant find anything my size in the thrift store. :frowning: Do I need to change what I"m looking for? Or where do I head for to find comfort? Example: today I’m wearing a T-tank dress that is a bit too tight on the tummy but comfy on the top and bottom.:stuck_out_tongue: sigh…

Sorry about the length of time I have just had the worst 4 days of my life…here goes my truck broke down $300…then a pipe has sprung a leak in the basement and flooded the basement clean up for 3 days along with the expense of the fixing now rent is due…omg no money so I am going to have to part with the computer for a little while to go to the hock shop since my jewelery is already there…never a dull moment…I am turning it in on Wed.night to get me a few more days to play…so you won’t see me after Wed. not unless we have a miracle in sight.

Praying for miracles! I do know how that happens. sigh… all too well. I hope things turn better quickly. It seems like everything lately is going down hill. I’m actually tired of holding my breath for the court to choose another courtdate for the familyplan thingy. The load of mess from the medical side of our lives is just becoming a big mess. ( the receptionist complained about my kids being loud in the lobby… yet again. sigh… cant they laugh without getting in trouble? Especially in a Mental Health lobby?) UGH. i wish we could find one place that takes Medicaid that would not turn on us after 10 months! I guess we all need a few miracles. Hang in there! I’ll be waiting for you to get back.