OK I know this is late but here's some thoughts on our beloved Pup (or Barb as other pppl called her!

ok wait so didn't mean to post it this way!!!! Anyway Here's my thoughts.......... Pup was my Mom and Sister together....woke up at 3:30 am and had to post it.....this is not a dream or nothing related to money I just want her to be honor like this too if i'm wrong please tell me!!!
OK I have felt as though I lost my mom, best friend, and sister. I can't go on thinking or letting others think the wrong things about her. She was a great influeance here I want to say this after all this time...she would have wanted us to keep on going so I promised myself I would. I never got the great honor of meeting her but spoke on the phone to her often. She was always there to listen or to give off good advice both to me and anyothers she was always there for us on chat! I feel myself better for knowing her that short time I did (anytime would have been short knowing her even if I had known her for 100 years) I soooo miss her!!! I know this is late but gotta do it I hardly ever post now but this needed to be posted and it's sooo from my heart LOVE U PUP even though u have gone to a happier place the way I look at it ur with ur husband now and are happy and pain free at last If anyone wants to add anything feel free to do so! LOVE U SIS, MOM and BEST FRIEND Forever!

Hi Doris, it's never too late to remember an outstanding person! It is surprising how strong our friendships on TuDiabetes actually are. I knew Barbara only through the words we exchanged here and photos, but still we had a real friendship. Barbara will always be missed by everyone who knew her or were helped by her in one way or another, here on TuD as well as in our daily lives.

iisn't that the truth Trudy?? she was a great person for sure

Doris---Trudy is so right. There is no such thing as too late to express love and affection and gratitude. We all share your sense of loss in one way or another and we don't get tired of hearing more about this amazing person we loved....Blessings, always...Judith in Portland...

Me, I want to be like Barbara when I grow up. What a role model of love and compassion every day. RIP, my friend.

love u Judith! well said!

me too melitta I wanna be like her when I grow up!