Dealing with Unexplained Highs

This is my first post here and felt the need to vent a little. I've had diabetes for almost 10 years. I've been on the pump for over one year and it's been really helpful, I honestly cannot remember how I lived before it for so long. However I sometimes get highs for no apparent reason. Often times, it happens when I'm changing pods, but today it just occured. I've stopped eating carbs for the past 6 hours and my blood sugar is still hovering around 250-300. It's incredibly frustrating. I'll test, then add according to my normal correction ratios and then some. I feel very hopeless and want advice on how to deal with highs like these.
I try to tell myself that being diabetic simply means not being perfect and that 8 hours of high blood sugar isn't terrible if my normal range is 100-180, simply occasional spikes to 220 after big meals. But it's a hard idea to wrap around my head, that they're unexplained and seemingly just happen. Or maybe there is a reason and I'm not seeing it. I can't help but think about my own death and the likelihood of it being related to my diabetes. I'm terrified of going into a coma or passing out. I'm constantly dwelling on it, even when I have a stretch of two good days.
I'm feeling very hopeless and alone about this, which is why I decided to post, I suppose.

I'm sorry you're feeling hopeless and alone, sebabella. You're not! We have all been where you are and I for one always post here when I'm struggling as well.

I don't know anything about omnipods because I have a ping, but sometimes I run high towards the time I am due to change my infusion set. I've heard too of some people who go high after they change their set, but for me that would mean there was something wrong with the insertion. Again I don't know about omnipods but could it be inserted poorly? When I have persistent highs that don't come down with corrections I always change my set. Another option is to take a shot with a syringe and if that has significant impact on your blood sugar than you know it's the set.

Other possibilities are bad insulin. Not likely, but possible. So if you have another vial, perhaps try switching. Another possibility is could you be coming down with something? Being ill or taking new medications can often raise blood sugars - also being under more stress. My own personal experience is that poor absorption has been responsible for prolonged highs so do rotate your pod to a completely different area you haven't used for awhile.

As for lowering it, once you get up around 300 you might need a bit more than your normal ISF to get it down, but test frequently to make sure you don't go low. Also drink a lot of water which helps when you get too high.

And yes, unfortunately, sometimes there is no obvious reason and all we can do is do what we can to get it down. I have trouble accepting that too, as I always want explanations.

Finally you are doing the best you can, it sounds like and for some of us we just struggle with numbers even when we are doing our best. It's just part of being a type 1. If you feel your numbers are always out of sorts (not just once in awhile) you might consider finding a cde or someone who can help you work through what is going on and maybe do some tweaking of your numbers if you haven't already done so.

Lastly, if you are feeling that hopeless feeling and fear a lot, you might want to get some support. Either by finding a type 1 support group and being able to share with others or by getting some therapy, preferably with someone used to working with chronic illness. I hope it gets better for you soon! Remember you are not alone.

Sometimes when my BG seems to be running up, I crank my basal up to 200% to clean out whatever "rusty pipes" are lurking in there? It seems to work ok. When it starts to drop, I test and eat something w/ a bolus and kill the 200% to balance it out.

Hi sebabella, I'm so glad you posted. I totally agree with Zoe's post, she hit every point I would have. (Zoe, maybe you can post a blog so we have something to refer people to?) It IS frustrating, and sometimes there seems to be no reason that we can pinpoint. Sometimes we do everything we can and still can't fix it.

I also love my pump (Ping) and don't know how I lived without it. This is the best place to come when you're feeling alone, as you soon find out that you're not. Tomorrow is another day, as our Danny would say.

Sometimes it's just the D gremlins. I hope you're feeling better soon, please keep us posted!

Thanks for the vote of confidence, jrtpup! I actually don't write (or read) blogs, but prefer to reply to posts individually!

I LOVE your D gremlin! Thanks, as you made my day!!!

True. Sometimes there is no explanation for blood glucose levels. It just is....

Thats true sometimes they just happen, and when I've exhausted the normal reasons, bad site, bad insulin, etc...i start tweaking the basals. My basals just went bad for NO reason, and once again I've had to crank them up a bit. No reason just because.

You're welcome to him any time Spock, if he never visits again it'll be too soon LOL

Hear you loud and clear!!!