Are you a vegetarian? Introduce yourself here!

For diabetics who are vegeterian as well

For those of you who haven’t seen the new Vegetarian Celebrity website, here’s the address:

My favorite clip is from Peter Dinklage who is shown holding his dog which is a Puggle, just like mine!

Here’s a photo of a sauerkraut salad I made with almonds and avocado. With a glass of wine, it needed 1 unit of insulin (I started at about 110)

HI, just introducing myself.

I’m Type 2 diagnosed just over a year ago. Diet (am a vegetarian of 25 years+) and exercise. On Ramapril (sixth week) for High Blood Pressure.

Have tightened up my diet to be more GI/GL and my most recent HBA1c was 5.8.

Just saying hi.


To Cleo: it looks so tasty, I’m sure I try it, especially that I love avocado ,mniamii

To Ziggy: it’s nice you joined to us, we’ll be appreaciated every single advice of your pritty long (!) experiance
and saying ‘aloha’ to You :wink:

hey Vega-People !!
the summer time is coming, the best season for vegetables and fresh friut
I was thinking we could put on this page more delicious recipes and maybe some interesting, untypical or your favourite kind of active recreation, which can you bring your sugar-blood levels down
greetings for everyone here !

Hi, Patrycja! I’ve been eating the heck out of cherries while they’re in season! Mmmmmmm, cherries!

And with the nice weather and school being out, I’ve been getting out and about. I’m resting today but yesterday I travelled 10 miles by bicycle and 4 miles by foot.

Hi SparrowRose :wink:
yeahhh, cherries … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Im joing with You with cycling and and quick, long marching (I dont know its correct what I wrote ;p, I mean striding) - especially that I live by the Baltic Sea, so theres awsome places to practise cycling
Do You feel that ‘healthy’ tiredness? because I do always
cheers :wink:

Hey Patrycia and Sparrowrose, with you on the walking aspect - 5-6 day a week if possible, don’t cycle though. If I don’t get my walk I get a bit tetchy (grumpy)

Actually, I feel very energetic and renewed after a long walk or cycle. I can feel my muscles tingling and I feel very awake and alive and full of zest! I have an iPod shuffle and I use the workout music at podrunner to keep my powerwalking up to 130-140 steps per minute and with the music it feels like I’m dancing along!

I thought I was taking Sunday off, but after the sun went down and the air got nice and cool, I ended up going out for another four miles after all.

Ziggy: I only cycle because I choose not to drive a car so if I want to go someplace it’s walking, cycling, or take the bus (which I never do because we have awful bus service in this town.) I’m lazy, so I often end up cycling someplace when I should have walked but I try to discipline myself to walk places if it’s a mile or less and only cycle places if it’s farther. Saturday I went to work on my garden, which is in a community garden plot, and I went to a sign painting party in preparation for the 4th of July parade so that’s how I got 10 miles of cycling in.

Sparrowrose: I got this feeling maybe because I do usually over 18 miles by bike
and every single day ( if only I visit my parents) I walk with my dog about 6 miles
And I absolutely agree with iPod - that adds the energy :wink:

Are you ladies doing the exercise to help to keep the blood glucose down and/or to lose weight and/or just to stay fit? I use mp3 player - rock music has a very punchy quick beat. You must be doing 5 miles or more per hour Sparrowrose.

Whichever reason - you are both putting me to shame. Well done :slight_smile:

me - both these things, I tend to put on weig in winter, even if I active then, so exercises help me lose some needless kilos
and dont be ashamed Ziggy - its just personal case
but I have to confess that during the scholastic year Im not as active as I should or want to, but must make my excuses as type of my studies demand sit at the desk most of time
but I always come from behind in summer and then some ;p

LIke Patrycja, I don’t have time for this level of exercise during the semester - I’m working on a doctorate (political science) and an undergraduate degree (Spanish) at the same time. So I fit in as many hours of exercise as I can during the summer. I do it because it makes me feel ECSTATIC!

Patrycja: I wish I could exercise as much as you do, but I can’t afford the calories. I can barely pay for the food I eat right now and that only by making lots of other sacrifices. If I added another ten miles to my day, I’d have to go back to the cheaper foods that made me so deathly ill in the first place. So I get as much activity as I can afford and I dream about the day that I graduate and get a higher income so I don’t have to limit my life so much because of the cost of food.

Sparrowrose: I absolutely agree with You and I wish You the best with your studies and future job :wink:
yes, its true that to make some results with Your condition You have to have more time for it
Im just keeping my fingres crossed for both of us :wink:

Hello – just joined the group and so glad to find other diabetic veggies. Thought everyone was low-carbing or even Aitkens.

No, not everyone. :slight_smile:

Personally, I’m high-carbing. It’s working for me but I’m not a doctor, so I’m not telling anyone else how to eat.

I did a lot of research, starting with medical journals, and as a result I’m on a high-fruit diet. Yeah, I know, we’re not supposed to be able to eat fruit! I find if I keep my fat low, the more fruit I eat, the better my blood sugar gets. It doesn’t seem very intuitive and it’s pretty much the opposite of what my clinic told me to eat, but after a year of great improvement, my doctor said, “well, whatever it is that you’re doing, keep doing it! I wish all my patients showed this much improvement.”