Dear Everyone

Dear everyone, and I put to everyone because I think everyone has felt like this!

I try not to be self centres about my diabetes: there are worse things to have right? But recently my weight has really been getting me down. Sounds like such a simple thing right? Just get some exercise and eat better I head you cry!

Juggling university, working 2-3 days a week, flat upkeep and looking after (not all the time i mean) a bipolar boyfriend (he’s not sick just now but his mood and motivation does fluctuate.) I feel like I have no every whatsoever, to take care of myself or my diabetes. And so I comfort eat, and to deal with that, my weight has soared. I feel awful. I have NO sex drive, so my bf continues to be patient, but for how long?!

And I just feel like diabetes complicates life so much- I can’t lose the weight I so desperately want to, that diabetes has made me put on so fast. If I try and eat less, I go hypo. AHHH!

Anyone else just feel drained and like giving up?!

What kind of insulin regimen are you on? If you go low when you try to eat less, you should decrease your insulin doses.

I have felt like you describe in the past. Thankfully, I’m not there now, but a year ago I most definitely was!

Yep! I feel the same way…Same type of situation…Its hard trying to get the insulin and exercising balanced and lose weight. I find that when I eat less i get better results for losing weight but its not good for my metabolism so I dont know. Its yet another mind game brought to you by diabetes. I am not going to give up however, I have to figure out how to lose weight.

You are not alone! I’ve been fighting off the weight I put on since I started almost a year ago. My house is always a mess, I work 10 hours a day, my hubby lost his job recently and I’M the bipolar in the house. I also find I have ZERO libido and I don’t know if the meds are to blame or if it’s just me. But just keep holding on, things will get easier and you will feel better. I recently started a juice fast. It sounds counterproductive to the diabetes but I found it actually lowered my bg quite a bit. I’m juicing veggies and fruits and with your busy schedule it might be something that could help lighten the load. Just a thought, either way hang in there! :slight_smile:

Hey guys, sorry for late reply, have been a little mia. just wanted to say thank you for your replies, they're greatly appreciated!