Still trying

I am still trying to get back on track. It is really hard. My husband is really great but he thinks that I should just be able to snap my fingers and snap I am on track and losing weight. It’s just not that easy. He really gives me a hard time. I know that he means well but still sometimes I just want him to leave me alone. I really just need to buckle down and get this going right. But man, I have such great hopes and dreams but I just fall short of it everytime. What do I do now? Go to insulin or keep trying!?!

have you tried weight watchers? their support is amazing!

I think it is incredibly hard. I am trying so hard, and it seems I can’t really eat much, and then I’m so tired. I try and drag myself out with the dog (the doctor says walk for two hours), but I need to get up early so that I can be back with the kids before my husband goes to work. I have had four colds since I started the diet and exercise and feel really run down, but if I eat any more than I do, my sugars go up again. I know what you mean about it being hard work, but I don’t want to go on insulin, so I am sticking at it. My husband doesn’t nag me, but he doesn’t make things easy either - keeps late hours, eats snacks at all times etc. Oh well. I am losing weight slowly but surely, and it is a great incentive when I feel too tired and depressed.

why is it that you don’t want to go on insulin? do you feel that you are being a “bad” diabetic if you are doing that? knowing what your feelings are regarding that will help some.

My friend is a diabetic, and she has been into the emergency ward a few times - either overdosing or underdosing on insulin. I think it is scary. Besides, for me, if I can do it without, it would be less to remember and try to organize. I have always been a bit of a “Natural Freak” as well - organic foods, cloves of garlic around my neck if my children have to have antibiotics…you get the picture :slight_smile:

I don’t want to go on insulin because I feel that is the last step. Like once I go there, there is no going back. My grandmother died becasue of diabeties complacations and from heart problems. I am following in her steps fast and right now I get so depressed I don’t feel that there is anything worth doing about it. Ya know, like this is my destiny and I should just accept it but I can’t. Yet I can’t do anything about it that works.

What diet are you doing, Amanda? I am trying very low carb - just meat, eggs and vegetables with a few nuts, and it is very hard, but the numbers are going down, and the weight is coming off.

Unlike you, I have not had anyone in the family with diabetes, so I have not experienced it first hand. I can’t say “don’t be depressed” because you either are, or aren’t. I can’t imagine getting that depressed and having diabetes as well. Just remember that it is not your destiny to be unwell, and it is worth doing something, even if at first it doesn’t seem to succeed. You are worth it. The disease is only a tiny part of who you are, enormous though it seems.

I am going through the same thing as you, with not wanting to go on insulin.