"Dear Fellow Type 1 Diabetes Parent"... Beautiful Words from Diabetes Hands Foundation's Own and Super Hero Mom, Mila Ferrar

By Mila Ferrar
Ten years ago, our family was sucked into the type 1 diabetes whirlwind. Everything was new. We were told there was no way out. Saying that I was scared is an understatement. I was actually terrified!

I had a few questions for myself: Will I be capable of taking care of my son? Will he be OK? Will he grow up to be a healthy boy? Would he be able to achieve his dreams and reach his goals? All of these questions came up while I was trying to grasp some of the education we were given at the hospital and begin to understand diabetes.

I won’t lie. Managing type 1 diabetes is not an easy job. There will be days when you just want to run, scream, cry, and not think about this disease ever again. But then you realize there is someone who sees you as a superhero, someone who sees you as capable of everything and anything, and someone who’s in need of your help, love, and support. That someone is your child with type 1 diabetes.

Whenever you feel like diabetes is too much for you to handle, look at your kid’s smile. Think about their wishes, dreams, and goals. This will be the fuel, the power, and the energy that keeps you going and will not let diabetes be a barrier to your family’s healthy and happy journey. Our kids need us to be ready, and they need to see us be strong!

It’s OK to cry. It’s OK to ask for help. We have all been there. But always remember that you are not alone!

Even though we will never be able to get out of the diabetes whirlwind, the more we learn about diabetes education and empower ourselves, the less we feel the strong winds of fear and distress.

Believe me, things will get better. Everything will be OK. I know you can do it!

See article here http://www.healthline.com/health/type-1-diabetes/dear-fellow-type-1-diabetes-parent#2

About Mila
Mila Ferrer started to blog about type 1 diabetes in July 2011, five years after her youngest son, Jaime, was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of three. She is a well-known advocate for educating Latino parents who have children with diabetes through her renowned blog, strong social media presence, and participation in health conferences. She is the Community Manager on EsTuDiabetes.org, the largest Hispanic online community for people touched by diabetes.