I just wanted to say thank you

My son is 10 years old and was diagnosed with Brittle diabetes in 2004. I will never forget that day. My son’s is my world and when he became sick I did not understand what was happening, we dont have type 1 diabetes in our family and neither does his father. We still to this day do not have him stable, for example his glucose level will drop to 47 for no reason or he will shoot up to the low 400s after he has excercised for over an hour. I am so glad that this website was opened and you have invited us to come here to share information or what ever my be going on

Thank you

Hi Tina,
Welcome. We are happy to have you as part of the family and you son too. You will find all the different types on here and none of us is alike. So ask anything or ask for help in any way and someone is sure to have some kind of answer for you or some kind of experience. We each empower, support and reach out to each other. Just remember to keep posting to let us know how you all are doing. You are not alone anymore. We are over 4000 strong. That is a lot of family caring about how you all are.

Welcome to our large family, but sorry for the reason you have had to join us.

I was diagnosed at age 10 and understand some of what you and your son must be going through. Same story - no family history, no warning. I, too, know the 47 to 400 dance. At 10 years old, I went DKA with a sugar of over 1000 and they nearly lost me. But, apparently, I woke out of my coma to look at my mother and say, “I’m glad it’s me and not some other kid. I can handle this.” My mom told me that, after that, she was crying in the elevator at the hospital and two children going through chemo got on at the next floor. She said that she stopped crying and said to herself, “Yeah, we can handle diabetes.” And I don’t think either of us have ever looked back. We have kept up that spirit of “we can do this” over the last 18 years. She was a wonderful means of support for me and because of it, I’m a happy, married 28 year-old-woman getting my diabetes in order in the hopes of starting my own family. We can do this, Tina! :slight_smile:

Dear Tina, I wish you all the best and a peaceful, joyous, journey in your son’s diabetic walk. If you can get him to the point of aggressive treatment and control, his chances at a healthy life increase dramatically. I was 1 when I was diagnosed and am now 45. I have been blessed with a very fun, healthy and full life. Your little guy can be too if you do the right things. He is lucky to have a loving, caring, motivated mother in you…
Wishing you more…Cheers bob