Defective Dexcom receiver - problems getting a replacement

I noticed the audible alarms on my Dexcom G5 stopped working about 2 weeks ago. Dexcom knows there is a problem with their receivers so I filled out a form online to get a replacement [ ]. A week later, I get a package from Dexcom shipped via FedEx. There was no replacement receiver inside the box. Just a “Product Return Kit” which consisted of a urine sample collection cup, biohazard bag, and return packaging. Really??

I tried to contact Dexcom by phone but after going through several prompts, I was basically directed to the same website to register the defective receiver. If I fill it out again, it says the receiver has already been registered. So not sure now if or when I’m getting a replacement.

Is anyone else having an issue?

Well, that sucks! Whenever I’ve had to replace a sensor, transmitter, or receiver, I always received the replacement item first so I could still use the defective part (if it was partially functional, like your receiver) first. I’d go ahead and call customer support, get in queue, put it on speaker phone, and do something useful or fun while on hold. Tell the rep you want to hold onto the receiver until you get the replacement because, alarms or not, it’s better than nothing. Good luck!

It’s totally bizarre. There wasn’t even a box inside to return the receiver. Just this urine sample collection cup and return packaging for that. Not sure how that has anything to do with all this. This is ridiculous. I expect more from a company like Dexcom.

The way I look at it, customer service for anything at any time is going to suck, if only a bit. Dexcom sucks significantly less (often in amounts too minuscule to detect) than any other diabetes-related customer service I’ve had to deal with to date!

I just got a return kit that had the biohazard cup, box and a biohazard plastic Fedex mailer, plus I got a regular paper mailer for Fedex. Stuck the transmitter in the box it came in, tossed it in the paper mailer and sent it back. I wonder what happened?

Now I got an email saying my Dexcom order has shipped consisting of a G5 replacement receiver kit and a product return kit. Interestingly, that “product return kit” has the same product number (STA-RT-001) as the one I just received containing the urine sample cup and biohazard return package. Can’t wait to see what shows up this time.

I did receive a replacement receiver. Nothing to return the defective one in. Hopefully, I’ll have better luck with this receiver.

Having just done one of these a week ago… This sounds like their standard RMA (Return Materials Authorization) kit. They send the same thing to everyone regardless of whether you’re returning a transmitter, receiver or both. The sample container is for transmitters, which the government requires them to treat as hazardous materials because they’ve got it stuck in their little bureaucratic brains that the transmitter is part of something that sticks under your skin, even though it’s completely detached from that bit. As for the receiver, they don’t usually send a box for those because they more or less expect you to use the original box, or if you didn’t hold on to it you can use any reasonably robust substitute–you can use the box for the one you just received (that’s what I did). The main thing is the FedEx shipping envelope and sticker, which you should also have received in the package. You use that to send the boxed receiver back to them.

I recently went through a series of bad receivers. I found the best way to deal with it is to call them. They should then send you the new receiver and the stuff to return it all together.

Yeah I had that exact same problem I called tech support not that hotline and they said there was an issue with the replacements but sent me out a new one with a new sensor worked out in the end

I, too, went through a series of receivers with bad speakers, for a good 2 years before Dexcom acknowledged there was a real problem. I even got into arguments with the reps, several of whom didn’t believe me when I told them that the problem was so persistent across multiple receivers. I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to have to go through the same ridiculous troubleshooting steps over the phone, each and every time a receiver failed, despite my explaining to each subsequent rep the history of the problem. Until the recall was announced, NOBODY I spoke with at Dexcom seemed to know anything about the speaker defects, despite my having returned 4 or 5 defective ones by the time the recall was announced. The last hurdle I jumped was my final G4 receiver, which began to fail AFTER the 1 year warranty was up. I was told i was out of luck, and had to order a new one. Mercifully, the rep called me back at my home to tell me that she was incorrect, and that having a defective, recalled receiver made the warranty irrelevant. It was replaced with a unit I never had any problems with.