Defying age and diabetes

I feel so liberated since my last child went away to finish his college days. How can I be my age and feel like I am experiencing life for the first time - simple. I have never been on my own until now. I took the challenge of finding out who I really am and what I like. I make every day different and find something truly remarkable and something to be grateful for every day. Ok, I do have weak moments and text my son a lot. I found out that I like myself and I still have a lot to offer! Life is good everyone!

Yes it is! Good For YOU!

My youngest of four went off to college this year. Someone asked me if I was bored or sad. OH GOSH NO! I still have four children for heaven’s sake. And there is so much to do out there! Every day is wonderful. I work, I play, I make my husband crazy and my days are full.

You go girl!

Thanks. My husband replaced me for a newer model ten years ago so this is all new to me. It is an adventure every day and finding out about myself. I travel, eat out, and have never felt self conscious even going to parties alone. I always have friends and the gift of communicating. What more does a girl need?