Dementia risk

Thought this would be interesting. Nancy50


You know you posted this under the Type 2 section right @nancy50 ?

Yes,I do. Recent discussion under”Just don’t buy it” concerning diabetes and dementia. Thank you. Nancy50

@nancy50 But it doesn’t talk about type 2 though, Just 1’s.

While this analysis only asserts correlation, not causation between severe hypo- and hyper-glycemic events and the increased incidence of dementia, this should attract the attention of anyone with diabetes, even T2Ds.

Most of us can utilize an increasing set of sophisticated tools including moderns insulins, continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps, automated insulin dosing systems, and ways of eating that can exert a dramatic effect on blood sugar levels.

This is not to make light of the task at hand. It’s easy for researchers to observe that we avoid severe instances of too-high and too-low blood glucose. The job that we do, paying attention to and treating diabetes, while we keep one eye on the rest of our lives is quite hard. Multi-tasking is not something at which humans excel.

We all should note this information and continuously incorporate new tactics that help us avoid severe glucose excursions.

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It might depend on how you look at this from a bigger lens.
I consider myself lucky to be alive.
I celebrate my extra years every Labor Day, the day I got my diagnosis.
I never assumed I would live. Normal life span, I never expected a complication free existence no matter how well I am controlled.

So far so good for me, I’ve avoided any direct complications.
I’m dealing with mild dupuytrens which may or may not be diabetes relates and a slow heart rate, which may or may not be diabetes.
But I’m living life and getting by pretty well. I get outside and hike and walk and play ball as much as I can because I could lose the ability at any time.
I don’t worry too much about dementia or blindness or kidney failure. I do what I can to prevent that, but in the end I’m glad I got to live long enough to contemplate those things.


This caused me to think of my Dad. Dad loved his birthdays and any reason for celebrating. I think the reason is he never expected to see his 21st birthday as he watched friends and acquaintances fall in battle in the European theater of WW II.