Denial, a river in egypt? or just dobby and her new diagnosis?

hi all I guess this is as good a place as any to tell you all about me. who am I ? I am a woman in denial,. I have always considered myself healthy, never had any problems that I couldn’t find a reasonable excuse for. so when my doctor told me I have diabetes I thought to myself “pffs Yeah right” I went home not sad or angry I was just fine emotionally and physically, the doctors just didn’t know what they were talking about. it doesn’t matter that my mother had diabetes and my grandmother had diabetes and my sister, my mother in law, 2 brother inlaws. it ran heavilly in our family but I was o.k,

you see diabetes missed me, it skipped my generation. it jumped right over me, in fact all I got out of it was gestational glucoma in my right eye. but the rest of me was fine!. at least that is what I always told myself, thats what went through my mind when the doctor said “you have diabetes”. I turned my head around and said “who are you talking to?” because you are not talking to me!. I came in here because I was having a heart attack…or so I thought.

It all started when I began having pain in my arms, and I had difficulty breathing felt pressure on my chest. I couldn’t walk into the next room without being so out of breath that I couldn’t talk. I thought I was going to die.

so at the urging of my sister I walked into a free clinic. and saw this doctor. I told her I was having a heart attack. she checked me over and said " your heart is fine but I want you to have some labs drawn. so I did and the result…well she said my cholesterol was high and my sugar was high. she put me on two pills one for blood sugar and another for blood pressure.

I still don’t feel I had diabetes because I have been checking my sugar and it has been normal ever since. even if I forget to take the pills or don’t eat right my sugar level remains in the normal range. In fact I was told all I have to do is loose 6 pounds and she would take me off the pills and just monitor my diet. I thought it would be easy loosing just a meesly 6 pounds right? …wrong!! instead of loosing 6 I actually gained 8 since my last clinic visit.

well since my best friend died from complications of diabetes I decided to get out of the egyptian river (denial), and follow through with my doctors plan. so here I am, still in denial? …hmm not quite so much. just ready to get serious while there is still time to turn it around. so is there anyone else here bathing in this river besides me??? …oh and I apologize for the long post, I’m allowed one mistake for being new to the site right?


Nope! No mistakes allowed!!! NOT! We all make mistakes but this wasn’t one of them.

I was/am in the same boat as you. I went through it all and, today, I feel ill and really out of sorts. I told God that I would just love to have one day without pain or feeling ill.

Without boring you to tears here, I would like to invite you to my home profile page to read my story. To say that I can understand is not an exaggeration at all! I hope it will serve to inform you, scare you and/or encourage you not go on with your path on the straight and narrow.

Please feel free to discuss this with me once you have absorbed it.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

hi lois, I did read your story on your profile page. and yes it did scare me. I didn’t realize how intense this site was. of course I meant for my story to be light hearted, I guess I need to work a little on my humor. in any case I don’t think I know everything diabetic, even though it runs in the familly. I realize I don’t know as much as I thought I did. in fact I guess you can say I no very little if nothing at all. because I was in denial I did’nt bother to learn anything about the diabetes. but something you said scarred me. was the Dvt’s. and I may need to see my doctor sooner than I had planned.

because for a very very long time, even before diagnoses. i notice when I sit for a long period of time my feet swell up. and I have to prop them up on a chair when I sit for long periods. but those long periods are getting shorter and shorter. when i sleep I can’'t sleep with my arms bent they have to be straight or my hands will go numb if I striaghten out my arm, circulation is restored and my hand is no longer numb. my feet swell so much that it is hard to get them in my shoes. but if I walk around for awhile the swelling goes away. wow, I wish vikki were here, I usually turn to her with stuff like this. but she is not here. so I turn to you. could this mean that the diabetes is getting worse, is this the start of signs of poor circulation is this my wake up call. I never told my doctor about it because she was always so elated about my blood sugar readings, which I haven’t done in months now. even as I sit typing this my finger grows numb and it is not from the typing. I am spending and extensive amount of energy making sure my sure my son who is autistic has the proper nutrition, vitamins, minerals and excercise. and I thought while making his lunch today. why am I not eating like this. for now on what ever nutritious meal I make for him I will make one for me as well.

thanks lois for that wakeup call, my dog will especially appreciate it because it means he will be going for much longer walks.
but unfortunately I don’t have the money to do everything I need to set everything in motion. I need to get one of those pedometer thingys so I know how far I walked and for how long. I know, I know its just an excuse I can just use my watch like I 've been doing. and I ran out of test strips, I kept promising myself to get new ones. the doctor gave me a new free meter with a case of new strips. but I am used to the old meter and the strips for the old meter or drum. is expensive. so I thought I’d wait till thursday to get them. but that just another excuse because the new meter works fine and is ready to go. I just have to use it. then I have new labs to take and I didn’t go take therm yet. I want to impress the doctor so I am waiting untill…o.k let me just stop!!! I see just in writting this how lazy I am being putting things off because I am not ready to deal with it all. but somthing or someone is forcing my hand, someone has drawn me to this site, caused me to write my story ( I really wasn’t ready to do that either) and thus causing you to view it and tell me your own. all of this added up to me taking a long hard look at myself. and I don’t like what i see. thank you lois for the use of that mirror. which is your story.

The Nile,upper Egypt

Now you found your way to us,a family who cares and support,you will be fine and you will look after yourself to be happy and healthy my dear.God bless you.

Sohair, thank you my friend…And where do you get such Awesome pictures!, o.k I don’t want to be in De nial but I wouldn’t mind going to The Nile, and sohair you can come with me.

Dobby-- the subject of this discussion made me laugh!

I’m glad that you decided to join our community and I hope that you feel support here… I think that Vikki would be glad that you are here :slight_smile:

I think so too kristin thank you, and I believe she is laughing with you.