Dental Anesthesia and BG Levels

So I had a couple of old crumbly fillings replaced today by the dentist. I had an early morning appointment and since I knew I’d be pumped full of local anesthesia, I had a big protein heavy breakfast before the procedure. I somehow still sat on that dentist chair with a BG of about 65, according to CGM. I wasn’t too worried as I figured my slow digesting breakfast plus the nerves and adrenaline from having the procedure will probably raise me quite a bit.

I was surprised at how flat my BG was throughout the whole ordeal (3 shots into the gums and inside cheeks and a whole lot of drilling). My BG only “shot up” to about 87 while I was on my way home.

The issue I’m having now is that it went down again and is constantly hovering around 60-65 all day despite eating since.

It’s so weird. Can there be some kind of an interaction between the anesthesia given and insulin? I feel like my pancreas is back from the dead all of a sudden or I’m suddenly very very insulin-sensitive.

I don’t know about the first prolonged phase of 65, but I know staying at a low blood sugar for an extended period of time tends to produce increased risk for prolonged lows for the next 12-24 hours for me. My endo agrees with me that it’s likely because the liver gets depleted trying to manage that first low and then it produces less glucose for a while until it replenishes. I suspect that’s the more likely culprit for your later lower blood sugars than the local anesthesia.

Hi @cardamom, thanks for the reply but I have to disagree with this statement. Due to a process called glucconeogenesis, we always have plenty of glycogen stored in the liver and muscles no matter what we eat or how low our BG levels are. The body is constantly breaking down protein and as I mentioned in my original post, I didn’t skimp down on protein that day (or ever, really).

Ok, well I definitely find that for me, if I have an extended period of being low or more than one low, my blood sugars tend to stay low for the next 12-24 hours in a way that’s not accounted for by anything else. It’s a super consistent effect for me. YDMV.