Nitrous oxide

Hi, guys! Long time no see.

I had a horrible experience in the dentist's office yesterday. She and I were meeting for the first time, and we chatted for about an hour before I went into the exam room. They then started me out on nitrous oxide (laughing gas) at about 35%. After several minutes, I had to pull it off as I was getting dizzy. So she dropped it down to 25%, and I lasted the rest of the appointment. I was incredibly groggy, but awake.

Well, my blood sugar plummeted. I sat there in the office for an hour after my appt. was done, trying to get the stability to walk the three blocks back home. They fed me a banana (which shot my BG up big time), but I never recovered my composure. I finally called a neighbor to drive the three blocks and bring me back home.

There are several things that could have come into play:

1) The talk with the dentist ahead of time caused some anxiety about what we need to do.
2) Because we talked for so long, it made about an hour and a half between my meal and the nitrous oxide.
3) Maybe I'm sensitive to nitrous oxide. I actually had a sensitive experience to it many years ago, way before diabetes.
4) Maybe my BG just happened to go low and I was having an insulin reaction.

Is anyone aware of a link between nitrous oxide and blood sugar?

I'd like to learn from this experience!

Thanks, everyone....


We used to have wild parties with tanks of nitrous oxide and I never noticed it to have had any effect on my blood sugar. Although we were probably drinking a lot at the time which probably balanced any hypo nitrous effect.

I'm sorry it didn't work for you. I would insist on loud, psychedelic music if I were going to get nitroused at the dentist.

Ha ha ha! This is the funniest reply I've gotten so far!

(Oh, I guess it's also the only reply I've gotten so far....)