Dental Adventures

Part I
About 1 1/2 months ago, I developed a nasty abcess in a molar. It was drained, I did the usual antibiotics. A few days after I finished the antibiotics my BG started to be consistently high - the abcess was back. I ended up having an implant and bone graft, and will eventually have a 'tooth' back.

About a week and 1/2 ago (a month after the implant) my BG started to consistently rise. I tried all the usual - new lot of insulin, different sites, etc. I've been needing +20-30% basal to keep in my target range. Looking at food spikes me. I've tried to troubleshoot with various folks here, and none of us could come up with an acceptable explanation.

Today, I saw my dentist for a check. The gum/bone is healing really well. I mentioned my elevated BG - he said right now is the time when the most intense bone healing/osteogenesis is occurring, and he'd bet $ that is what's raising my BG. His prediction is that it'll 'normalize' mid - late September, when most of the healing/bone regrowth is done. Opinions welcomed ;)

Part II
My BG drops when I go to the dentist/hygienist. Every time. 10-15 points. I'm not dental phobic, but I do NOT like being there, and I am stressed. Maybe it's being prone in the chair? Does this happen to you?

I don't remember being consistently high when I had my implant a few years ago, but I know my bgs are more volatile than yours pup. The dentist always makes mine go up, go figure, YDMV!

Just discovered an abstract of an article that asserts that osteogenesis from bone grafts involves some inflammatory response. Maybe that's it?

I like your doctor's explanation. I have never experienced dental implants so I really have nothing to help you with. I'm just hoping he is right and things get back to normal for you in a week or so.

Hmm. I don't remember any unusual blood sugar excursions when I had my implant, but it was more than 10 years ago so memory fails. It does sound weird that your BG drops when you go in -- you'd expect stress to have the opposite effect. YEMV. [ Your everything may vary :) ]

All of that said, I'm with Gary on this one. The explanation you got sounds intuitively right to me.

About 6 years ago i managed to break my wrist in 3 different places while skating... For the month or two that followed, my Humulin does went from about 30 units in the morning to either 40 or 45... Also noticed that eating seemed to require more Regular than normal... This continued for nearly two months, and then my sugar started to run a bit lower each day for a week or so, and i was back around 30 units in the morning.