We must keep things in context. The fact that someone is at risk of diabetes, why should the lose weight. I am technically overweight. Weight never had any role in my diabetes.

I think you are right to consider where you raise money. The ADA is inefficient. They invest your $$ based on what doctors and big pharma wants, not what you as a patient wants. And worst the still send Hope Warshaw out to tell people to eat lots of carbs and “increase” their weight.

Thanks for your kind words Peetie and I truly want you to do well !

I am one of those , 28 plus years ago ,put on pills and my numbers did not come down .I asked for insulin and the good Doc listened (in my case I was misdiagnosed ) …however we have come a long way and hopefully you can show your GP or/and Endo the 2008 CDA Clinical Guide lines .As I read them , there is no reason for you not to be started on insulin .… page 5

Pharmacologic Management of Type 2 Diabetes

• If glycemic targets are not achieved within 2 to 3 months of lifestyle management, antihyperglycemic pharmacotherapy should be initiated.

• Timely adjustments to and/or additions of antihyperglycemic agents should be made to attain target glycated hemoglobin (A1C) within 6 to 12 months.

• In patients with marked hyperglycemia (A1C ≥9.0%) antihyperglycemic agents should be initiated concomitantly with lifestyle management, and consideration should be given to either initiating combination therapy with 2 agents or initiating insulin.( I highlighted the word insulin )

PS My Dear Brother, type 2 , living in Ontario,uses Levimir and fast acting insulin .

Thanks Nel. I can’t believe how quickly you got back to me. :slight_smile:

Your story of misdiagnosis seems to be a common one on here. :frowning: Good to hear you had a sympathetic doctor back then.

I am seeing my new GP at the end of July. As this will be the first visit since the initial interview, he has not treated me for diabetes yet. I’m hoping he will respond positively when I bring this information in. I checked with the College site before I signed up and he completed medical school in the 60’s. Maybe his years of experience will help?

I have a brother in Toronto (Type 2). He was diagnosed 10 years before me. He received an insulin pen just over a year ago but was instructed to continue taking all his meds as well (his meter readings have always hovered around 20). He has been unable to cope with the new plan and now takes nothing. While he presents as a Type 2 who is in denial and just doesn’t care, I know that this just isn’t true. Let’s face it, even Oprah with all her $ and specialists has been unable to maintain a healthy weight.

Joe’s frustration is completely understandable. I wish the media would focus on all the successful people on here who are awaiting a cure. Their stories inspire. There are over 20,000 individuals on here who are fighting the good fight. It would really help if the media could highlight them for awhile.

Thanks again,