Just in case anyone is interested

Hi, I posted this in response to a question,But decided maybe I would place it here. Maybe someone would be interested. I have had diabetes for a long time. My mother, both sisters, my aunt, niece, Both of my boys ,all have diabetes. I’ve seen the long hard road most diabetics go down. I have to say to start with
I have always chosen the alternative path of medicine. I always felt that the pills were a huge part of the problem! when I was diagosed I took the pills, My sugar was 519. I went from a 14 ac1 to a 6.1. I kept with it for about 9 mo. Then I had a small piece of birthday cake, then maybe just a bite of this or that. I exercised faithfully and drank lots of water. But I didn’t want to take the pills .I saw every one I knew go from one pill to two then insulin. So I tried to control it with diet, which went ok for a while, then it would go up and I couldn’t get it down, so I would take the pills.Then I would try diet only again, with the same yoyo effect. To make a long story shorter,
this went on for years, but gradually it kept creeping up, pretty soon I was just like every one else I knew, eating some sugar and taking the pills. I felt this was Absolute INSANITY! I also had some heart issues, severe arthritis, chronic back condition, and depression!
I was very depressed for about a week crying to no end. I prayed very hard, I asked for help.
To make a long story shorter. Within days I found some articles on diabetes that said it was a fat disease. The membranes of our cells are made of fat. When we eat hydrogenated fat (which is in everything) our membranes get hard and the glucose can’t get through. Plus cooked starch causes other severe problems. I found a diet called rosedale diet .where you eliminate, Beef, pork, bread, dairy and sugar.Your pretty much eating fish, chicken and veggies only. My husband and I went on it for 1 month. My sugar was 378 and I weighted 214.I lost 8 pounds and my suger came down some to around 259.Then I saw this trailer to a movie that is coming out this year www.rawfor30days.com After watching this I decided to eat raw food. I stopped the fish and chicken, watched everything I could find online about raw food Which was just a huge amount!
I bought a juicer, a cusient art food processer, and receipe books. I followed gabriel cousens program http://www.treeoflife.nu/diabetes. I stopped all my medicine. Even my blood pressure Meds… I went on a 7 day juice fast. My sugar went down to 88. It is now 5 months later 101. and I haven’t taken any pills at all ! I can’t eat fruit or grains for about 6 mo.I have lost 30 pounds and my husband has lost 33. I talked to a women yesterday that has been a vegetarian all her life. But she ate a lot of junk food. She got Multiple sclerosis, 3 tumors. she started eating raw food. and she completely healed herself from multiple sclerosis!! even from the tumors! She introduced me to her friend that had brittle diabetes, and also healed herself completely from diabetes by going raw. You can transition into it slowly. There really is a lot of really good stuff to eat! fruits, nuts, veggies, seeds. You can make flax crackers, eat them with almond butter, or celery with almond butter. you can make pizzas, wraps, tacos, desserts, like almond milk, raw chocolate, coconut cream, stevia,ice/blend, makes a delicious smoothie,if you add more ice it is a ice cream.Gabriel cousens is a dr. he has been healing diabetes for over 30 years.read his book there is a cure for diabetes.He made the movie,he owns tree of life rejuvenation center in pagonia arizona.follow the links above.
Just wanted to share this with you and maybe save you the long hard road… I’m being totally honest,this really works! if you want to talk,let me know… Bonnie