Dex Error- HELP!

I've had the Dex for a little over a month and I've really fallen in love with it.

I would marry it if I could.

But, last night, I dropped it.

It fell from waist level onto the floor.

Then it had an exclamation point error on it (but NO error code) for two hours.

I plugged it in, hoping it would reset the battery.

When that didn’t help or clear the error symbol (again, NO error code), I reset the Dex.

The Dex initialized properly and went through its error check successfully.

It worked for about five minutes, then shut off again (NO error message at all)

I tried to turn it on, but it wouldn’t do anything.

I reset it again.

It initialized and self-checked successfully and worked throughout the night.

I woke this morning and saw that my blood glucose was 133. I checked it on my meter and wanted to input it to the Dex for calibration. When I pushed the button “Ok”, the Dex shut down (NO error message at all)

I turned the Dex back on, and the exclamation point error symbol came on screen.

THIS TIME it had an error code: 09A010g03o

It felt like I was giving it CPR.

I called Tech Support and then sent them a message too.

But... I'm freaking out.

I've come to rely on it so much because of all the insulin dosages that I'm switching around that I've gotten a lot a LOT of lows these past few weeks.


My heart’s with you. I got a “sensor failed” message the other day at work and didn’t have a spare sensor. I was on a 24 hour shift and usually depend on Dex to let me know where I’m at. I just did a lot of testing, almost hourly. The Dexcom support staff are great and will have you an answer or another unit in a day to two. I just had to remember what I did before I had the Dexcom. Be safe!

Thanks David.
I called Dex again and they are shipping out a new receiver Fed Ex for tomorrow’s delivery.
They said it was a manufacturing error code. Ugh.
Can’t wait to get the new one tho! Just going to miss having all the old data that was stored in the old receiver. Oh well. :slight_smile: