Error 1, Anyone?

The last sensor I used (I am now waiting for the receiver to charge now), I got an Error 1. It appeared after a HUGE difference between the BG reading and the CGM reading (the CGM read 300+ and I actually had a BG of 92 or so).

I let an hour pass (as the manual says) and entered another BG. I had to wait at least two more hours until the unit went back to working normally.

Anyone else seen this behavior?

Yes, this happens when the numbers are very far off like that. I find I do a total restart when I get sensor error 1.

A total restart means turning off the unit altogether?

I just had the ERR1 problem this past weekend! I started the sensor on Saturday at 11:45 am and after “start new sensor” it kept asking for me to enter blood tests over and over and over (at least 6 times) which I thought was odd but stuck with it… Then on Sunday it kept giving the ERR1 and I called Dexcom and found out to press C then enter bg when you get the blood drop. I had the ERR1 problem over and over (and I kept going through the process of C, then check with glucometer and enter number when the blood drop showed). Then finally the receiver said “Sensor Failed” at 2 am (I was dead tired) so I just did a shut down of receiver (didn’t lose my prior numbers when I turned receiver back on). I called Dexcom and they are sending me a replacement sensor but also found out there are some sensors that are giving an early shutoff which she said this sensor is most likely doing. Did you get a “Sensor Failed” yet from this sensor giving ERR1? If you did, call Dexcom.

Yes, we did get an Error 1 on our second sensor at the end of our two hour warmup. I waited it out and was able to calibrate later on. If that did not work I would stop and restart sensor, as that is the only other option I know of. I did a restart once after having consistent discrepancies between sensor and fingerstick readings and Dex went back on track.

Eventually the sensor went back to working… but now I know that is a possible final scenario IF I get another Error 1.

Yep… had one last week. The meeter was 1 day shy of 7 days. The meeter said I was 129. Measured at 96. After I put on the value got the ERR1. I restarted the meeter. Waited the 2 hours then put in my BS readings. In about 1minute after the values were put in it when ERR1 on me again.

I had one do this as well after 1 day. Never got it to work. Dexcom replaced it for me at no charge. Since then I’ve had one do this as well. But I’d been wearing it for 12 days.

Yes, Ive had this happen once…I dont remember it taking 3 hours until it went back to working though!
I just cleared the error and then a bit later it prompted me for some BG’s…after that everything was completely normal.