Dex is on its way

DexCom, Inc. of DexCom, Inc sent Joltdude 1 FedEx Express Saver package(s).

This shipment is scheduled to be sent on 03/24/2010.

Ship date

Mar 24, 2010

Estimated delivery

Mar 29, 2010 by 4:30 PM

unlike insulet’s pods, you have to re-order “manually” (so to speak) with dexcom by calling in at your given interval so don’t forget :slight_smile:

eg: if you only get 1 month supply at a time, you could end up dexom-less towards the end of the month by having a one bad sensor…

Good to know, but sort of glad too… Since this is entirely out of pocket for me…

Congrats!!! I’ve had mine on all but a few days since getting it in December. I’ve managed to get my A1C from 6.8 to 6.1 with it.

JUst wondering how you are liking the dexcom? I am expecting mine friday. Hope all is well with it.

Still havent been trained on it… So cant tell people how it is… Long story. but not amused ;(

I just ordered mine dex from edgepark earlier today… I asked the person I talked to if they called Dexcom to give them a heads up that I would need training or if I should call them… they lady at edgepark told me to just watch the tutorial on the Dexcom website and that it was super easy and I could train myself…

i thought this was odd…but I have worn the MM CGMS and Navigator so I will probably go ahead if I cannot get a training in a short time frame

It seems intuitive but iv had adhesive issues with infusion sets… Frankly I probably could start and do it myself. though id get my head chewed off for doing so… Plus id like to try to get it right the first time… Sensors are an expensive item to waste on practice…

John my sensors are out of pocket also. So I make each one last as loooooong as I can, lol. Luckily almost all of mine have lasted 2 to 3 times past the 7 day cut off.

Mine too… my current sensor is on day 18 and I swear it’s about twice as accurate now as it was the first week :slight_smile: Maybe this will be the sensor that makes it to a full MONTH for me :smiley: (I’ve yet to get one make it very far into the 4th session before becoming stupidly inaccurate.

I’ve only had 2 sensors ever fail… both were within the first 24 hours.