Sensors on BACKORDER?!?!

In my 11 years as a diabetic I have never had any of my supplies on back order!!! I am very unhappy with this, I am leaving for vacation on Friday and will not have any sensors for my trip!!!!

I know! I had to go without my Dexcom for almost a week, even though I ordered new sensors almost 2 weeks before I actually needed them. Not cool!

LOL. My infusion sets are in a similar situation now. I ordered 3 boxes and they said they only have enough to send me 1 box every 3 weeks… So I won’t run out, but still… Yikes!

Yeah, I was surpised the last time I ordered sensors and it took a couple weeks to get them b/c they were backordered. Maybe the Dexcom monitor is becoming very popular and they’re not able to keep up with demand. I’m sure it will be a short term issue but I can understand how you would be upset going on a trip and not having any sensors. Once you have a Dexcom you become very dependent on it.

I think the reason for the back order at Dexcom is that they are having some problems with some of their sensors giving an early shutoff.

The Dex sensor that DN is now using beeped for a low alarm this morning at 80 (she was 179). It is not working well. I’m sure Dexcom will replace it. I’m glad Dexcom is committed to sending everyone working sensors, and found the problem with the old ones. We have been awaiting a three month supply. Edgepark gave us a song and dance and did not even tell us there was a problem with stock. Finally, they told us to expect one box and we will have to wait for the other two. As to timeframe, they told me to call Dexcom directly. So, I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath, huh? I’m more annoyed with Edgepark who had me sitting around the house waiting for supplies from UPS that never even shipped when in this nice hot weather we could have been enjoying the pool. Regarding the Minimed problems with quicksets, well I recall them having problems with quicksets before. So when the CDE who started us on the Minimed pump recommended the Quicksets, I decided to stick with the short sils she had always used. So glad I did now.

I finally got mine a few days ago. They are in now but there is supposedly an 8-10 day delay to ship it out (it was more like 21/2 wks) I found out that they were on backorder the same day as I found out all my Quicksets were recalled. My problem with Dexcom is that my insurance covers my sensors 100% but only one mth worth at a time. I can usually only get a senson to last 5-6 days. My insurance will cover more than 4/mth and my doctor has agreed to prescribe me more than 4 a mth.(my hypoglycemic unawareness is so bad that i need my sensor on all the time) However Dexcom doesnt understand that most months don’t have 28 days. They will only send me a box of one (replacement) or 4 in a box. They refuse to send me 5 a mth or six a mth. Ok someone tell me if I am really crazy but would it be that difficult to get fed ex to give them a different size shipping box? My insurance will pay and cover shipping but they still refuse to send me any thing except mutiples of 4. Sorry to start rambling here, I just get frustrated because I’m ok about 24 days a month, unless I have a failed sensor, then I have to wait until day 30 (once a mth)_ to get my order placed then wait 2 1/2 weeks for it to ship out. What good is a CGM with out a sensor?

I am surprised to hear that your sensors only last 5-6 days. What tells you that it is the end? So far I pulled my sensors after 7 days without any indication of degradation. In fact, I am always sorry that I pulled it because the new sensor on it’s first day is never as good as the sensor going out.

Yep, I am averaging 10-days from each sensor with the last one reaching 15-days, though it was only really accurate up to day-14.

5 or 6-days from a sensor is below what they should do!