Dex not beeping, only vibrating for low alert regardless of setting

Help! What am I doing wrong? My daughter’s Dex is only vibrating when she goes lower than the setting I have for her low alert. I can’t sleep at all now, she just started pumping so as we’re messing with the basals and insulin sensitivity settings etc…so I really want Dexie to be alerting me for lows. I have turned the alert to “disable” and then turned it back to “vibrate and beep” and it can beep and does when I do that but it won’t actually beep when she is dropping below the level I have it set at. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

The dex does not read acurrately the first day or when it is tuckered out…2 weeks or so. Is that the issue?

If not, call your CDE or dex directly. Maybe its also adjusting to all the changes in her body. Seems to like stability to me. Good luck.

Mine tends to do that sometimes too but also i may be working and i may not hear it because im concentrated on something else and just dont hear it or theres some louder noise blocking it out and then sometimes im at home and it just vibrates a few times and doesnt beep.

We have had two dexcom receivers stop beeping (although they wouldn’t really beep even when we tried changing the settings so I’m not sure it’s the same issue.) We called Dexcom and they sent us replacements, so I would recommend giving them a call.

That behavior is strange, You may need to call Dexcom right away 877 3392664

We are on day 6 of the sensor but it’s been very accurate and her bg’s have been more stable over the last four days than ever before (she was on NPH before the pump).

I called Dex and they were no help, just had me turn off the setting and turn it back on to make sure it can beep. I know it can beep…it’s just not doing it!

I’m thinking I will have to call them again today. I called before and they weren’t any help, they just made sure it can beep by having me turn the setting to disable and back on again (so they could hear it over the phone).

I’m pretty sure mine just vibrates the first warning and then beeps the second warning… while I realize that waiting for the second can be the loss of critical time I thought that was just how it was made. Am I wrong?

Try setting her low alert at a different level (like a higher number), see if it does the same thing. Also set her fall rate to the 2mg/dl/min if you do not have it there, that alert may sound first then.
Isn’t there a way to reset the Dex? Do I remember someone commenting about resetting it? I never have, but that may be a question for tech support.

I think you misunderstood the alert setting. It specifically states “Vibrate then Beep.” What this means is the first time the alert goes off, it will vibrate. If you don’t acknowledge the alert, the next time it will beep. Hope this helps.

You might be onto something. I will check with my daughter to see if she’s pushing a button when it vibrates before letting me know when she’s going “low” and instruct her not to do so again and see if we then get beeps. I know it didn’t beep the other night when she was sleeping but I happen to be awake and hear the vibration of Dex via the baby monitor! I wonder if I pushed a button before it had a chance to beep. So…it doesn’t vibrate and beep a the same time. Do you know how long after the vibration alert it takes for the beeps to sound? Thanks!!!

I didn’t realize it was a one warning and then a second…I thought it was a vibrate and beep at the same time (like it demos when you set the alert). After the responses I’m wondering if we’re not waiting long enough for the second warning. Thanks!!!

not long from what ive seen usually between 3-5 minutes

My lows often go 5 minutes longer than necessary because I don’t feel the first vibe. I want the option for a beep with that first vibe.

There is a little glitch with the Dexcom alarms. Like you already figured out, it vibrates first and then beeps 5 minutes later. I have my low alarm set at 70. I did not acknowledge my alarm one day when it dropped below 70 – I had it on my desk & saw the screen flash when it vibrated. I dropped below 55 before the 5 minutes were up so instead of getting a beep 5 minutes later, it vibrated again. Before that 5 minutes was up, I went to 56 – that triggered yet another series of new alarms because I was now just low so I had another vibrate. I could have gone on like that forever if I was asleep and not getting the beeps.

YES! I think that must be also what is happening to us. It seems when my daughters bg is dropping even with just one arrow down she goes from 100 to 55 on the Dex in just a couple minutes, so maybe it’s skipping the beep and just resetting to the “new” alarm and starting over with the vibration. So…is there any work around for this during the night? Any ideas? I can’t rely on being awake and just hearing her Dex vibrate through the baby monitor all night. I check her at 2am regardless but she has a natural drop between 3:30am-5:30am so now what?

I don’t know of any workarounds - that is a Dexcom software problem. I hope they fix that because it is dangerous. It is my understanding that people using the first generation Dex complained about the alarms - I think they went too far in the other direction.

Call Dexcom Tech support. Ask for help and also ask to meet with the area clinical specialist for individualized help.

Call, NOW!

I discovered the same… the beep only happens if you don’t acknowledge the vibrate.

One thing that helps me at bedtime is that I have a tupperware container with small metal plates in the bottom (coins work well too). I put the Dex in it, next to my pillow. When it vibrates, I’m more likely to be awakened it by it. I keep my glucose tabs & sweet tarts in the same tupperware container. I also set my low at 80, just to give me more time to hear it. So sometimes that means I get alerts at 80 with a flat arrow, and don’t really need to correct. But I’d rather have it that way.