Dexcom G4 Problems

I started using it on Thursday- the first receiver wasn't beeping/alerting properly, so they over nighted me a new one and now I'm having the same problem with the new one- it only beeps when it "feels like it" for alerts, it usually vibrates but just now it didn't even vibrate for a high alert. I already knew from my symptoms I was high so I checked it to find a high alert on the screen.

I also have had a lot of numbers 40-90 points off. Dexcom help told me to calibrate 3x 15 minutes apart when I have numbers over 20 points off. But that means testing 3x!!! each time this happens which seems to be 3x per day at least. It has had long stretches of accuracy, as long as I don't take insulin or especially don't eat anything- that seems to be when it has the most trouble.

Has anyone had this problem with their receiver? I will have to call them again tomorrow. I have had the sensor in for 2-3 days now so it should be more accurate by now. The first night, with the first receiver, it had me in the 40-50s all night, but NO BEEPS or sound alerts of any type, only some vibrations happened. I tested several times in case- I was in the 80's-90's each time.

Which profile are you using ? If you use the 'try it' option, do you hear the beeps/alarms ?

It's not obvious, but the first alert is always a vibrate, no matter what profile you select. If you don't acknowledge the first alert, then it will beep 5 minutes later, if you have set profile to other than vibrate. If you do acknowledge the first vibrate, then it won't beep.

When you got the new receiver, it was similar to the start of a new sensor. It will take a day or 2 of calibrations to get better accuracy, as the receiver gets more readings/calibrations in it's memory.

You can check the Dexcom Users group for more discussions and helpful suggestions on calibrations.

Dexcom users Group

Hi, meee. Sorry you're having problems getting started on the Dec G4. As far as the alarms go, it might help to review the alarms section in the G4 Users' Guide.

Have you selected a profile? I use the "attentive" profile since that's the one that usually gets my attention. Some sound like a European ambulance.

Do you attach the receiver to yourself or usually leave it on a nearby surface? When I attach the receiver to my belt, I have the best chance of getting the initial vibration alert. If the receiver is on a nearby surface, I won't usually detect the alert until an audio alert sounds. The attentive profile features contrasting high and low pitch sounds that usually get my attention.

If you hit the select button after the initial vibration alert, it will cancel the audio alert. This could happen when you don't sense the vibration alert and then just hit the select button to view the display. In that sequence of events you may conclude that you have not been alerted (missed the initial vibration) and you cancel the impending audio alert.

The whole alert design process tries to balance getting your attention without becoming a nuisance. It'd be nice if the user could further customize the alert profile to better fit their personal preferences. I would like an ongoing high alarm during sleep since I usually prefer good waking BGs over uninterrupted sleep. I'm sure others have different preferences.

As far as accuracy goes, I've generally found the Dex to be fairly accurate with the exception of the first 24 hours or so and also near the end when I'm pushing toward or beyond 14 days.

I will specify one particular exception to Dex's overall good accuracy. If I've inserted a sensor and it was painful going in and the pain persists, that almost always means to mean that I've hit or just missed a blood vessel. Blood fouls the interstitial fluid and the sensor does not perform well. In those cases, I will immediately remove the sensor. Dexcom will usually replace that sensor.

Good luck to you. I hope you like it and find it as valuable as I do.

good, i'm glad you finally got a dex. you'll love it. it takes a few days to calibrate and get started. like terry, i too use the attentive alert. and as he so correctly noted, it both buzzes and rings. however, if you press the button to check your blood sugars, that stops the alert from doing either. it beeps when the blood sugars register high or low, it won't beep if you continually, manually check the receiver. also, remember there is a lag time, especially with a bolus. however, at night, no bolus only basal my dex is usually spot on.

I had it normal and tried all of them- they worked on the meter but they definitely weren't alarming or even vibrating at times. I didn't realize it takes 5 minutes to beep and will not beep at all if you press the enter button.. I wonder if the arrow button shuts of the alert too? I definitely wasn't always shutting it off by pressing enter though. I will join the group.. thanks!

thanks for your help.. yes I think this one is getting better, although not perfect for sure...

Thanks Terry, I do like it much better, although it is missing some lows highs still, but it has alerted me to two bad lows yesterday, yesterday was one of those days I keep going low all day, but it missed another while I was gardening at night- it may have alerted my 75 low with a vibrate I think. I'm not sure now, but I knew I was very low and tested at 42.

I definitely would prefer to have more variability in what we can choose for alarms and when they happen. I may have slept through some for the first night with the other receiver. But there were some where there was no vibration I'm sure and I had it either right in front of me while I worked on the computer or in a pants pocket so I think I would have noticed. I think this sensor is ok- I had minor pain and only a bit more when I put the transmitter on- then after a glass of wine it went away... I have fibro and I'm super sensitive. I'm getting enough accurate readings that it seems it isn't a problem like that.

I did review the manual now, at first I watched the video and somehow didn't realize it would take 5 minutes for a sound alarm.. so some of the missed alarms could have been me not hearing the vibration, shutting it off or sleeping through it... still it has helped me with 3 lows already, one the reading was totally off but it alerted me that I was dropping fast so I took some sugar before I got really low.

I leave it on a surface when I'm at home usually or in my pocket.. is there a belt or something I use to wear it closer to my body? I will look here/online and see. I couldn't find anything in stores except an arm band and I hate wearing things like that on my arms.

So far, although it's not perfect, it is much, much better than the first one and is useful for sure.

yes, me too! I think I will grow to rely on this for sure and love it too, even though it has problems I think I already feel very fond of it, lol :-)

I'm keeping it on attentive because that is most likely to wake me if I go low and it already has once. I tend to eat late and then have to correct when dp kicks in and do my 2-3 am basal so it may be more problematic for me. I wonder if you press the arrow buttons which also brings up the graph if that stops the alerts? I really would prefer not to shut of alerts all the time and be able to overide that. When I teach I will have it on vibrate though or soft maybe.

You may already realize this, but a nice natural night-time amplifier is a glass cup.

Meee, have you posted in the Dexcom Users group here on TuD? The group has 1543 members and you should get a lot of help there. Here is the link:

Thanks Terry, I will try that- I hadn't thought of it.

Thanks Richard, I just joined and will post a question tomorrow hopefully :)