Dex sensor issues?

So, I’ve always had spot on sensor data with my g4 receiver. I wonder,
“Is my machinery getting so old that perhaps I’m having trouble between the new G6 sensors and my old G4 receiver?” I can’t account for current difficulty.

current sensor reading = 78, but manual = 55. But, there has been a lot of that. ?1?1?

Perhaps I’ve been over calibrating because I’ve been noticing so much more error.

I’m confused. Are you using G4 receiver to read G6 sensors ?

Well, I have an old G4 receiver. But, that is two models old, now. Perhaps the new, compatible sensor model is optomized to work with G6 and I shouldn’t expect as much accuracy. Or, perhaps its something else. IDK. I’m just noticing a lot more sensor error, overall. I called Dex and they said that if I calibrated three times and there were still issues, consider the sensor hardware bad. But, its not “bad,” its just not as good…possibly. Its been up around 100 to 200 point off. I have never seen that before lately.

I have no idea whats wrong. I’m brainstorming.

I’m confused too. AFAIK, the G6 sensors won’t mate with G5 or G4 transmitters—the new system uses a different, simpler connection method. You’re saying they’re marketing a version that is compatible? I just upgraded last week, but until then I was using a G5 with standard G5 sensors. Wasn’t aware there was an option to just upgrade the sensors. Seems weird. I always understood the G6’s innovation wasn’t in the sensor itself but in the algorithm that interprets the data the sensor sends.

In any case…

Yeesh, I’d certainly consider that “bad” to the point of being un-useable. I’d agree with tech support that you need to swap it out.



For clarity purposes, perhaps state exactly what you are using now. That will help the discussion stay on track.


Your right, I misread it. They are Dexcom G5 Mobile/G4 Platinum sensors. I thought a new model came out that was compatible w/ G6. Must not have had my glasses on.


ha ha ha

That is me.



I’ll try not calibrating unless I’m 50 points off and have a -->. Theres so much drift…I thought the sensors froze in the mail, but Dexcom says that they would produce an error right away, the 1st time I used them, if that was true.

The G4 system can certainly be overcalibrated.

If you think you may have a calibration issue going on from previous calibrations, you can do a STOP/START sensor which will clear all calibrations and let you begin new. Still using the same physical sensor but the new session will let you have a fresh start with the calibrations.

Certainly it could be a bad sensor even if it was not due to weather conditions during shipping. Some sensors are bad. Some insertion locations on your body just happen by bad luck to be in a bad spot and don’t produce good results. Obviously things happen.


mmmm, thats a good idea. I didn’t think of that.

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As a native-born Minnesotan I’d agree that seems like a distinct possibility even in a normal year, let alone one with a rogue polar vortex covering the region.

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Sounds like a business opportunity for Dexcom… Limited Polar Edition G4/G5 sensors.


Blizzard yesterday. Another blizzard tomorrow. Everyone in the state has gone on strike this winter. Every time it snows, everyone in the state just stays home and everything shuts down.

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Or the rule I learned, which is that if there’s a blizzard, you absolutely have to get into the 4WD and run to the store on account of some terrible emergency, such as “Hey, honey, are we out of rice cakes???” Because 4WD!