Two dex receivers to one sensor?

I’m switching back to my old g5 non touch screen receiver for a while because my hand is injured or I have carpal tunnel or something and it is hurting me a lot to press the lousy button in the touch screen. So I entered transmitter serial number into the old receiver. can I start sensor on the touch screen still have it connected to the new receiver as well?

That’s working for me right now. You just have to put up with 2 barking at you unless you silence one!

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Unfortunately both my old g5 receivers failed while on the phone with dexcom. The newest one which was in a drawer turned off seemed to connect to the transmitter at first but then gave me the antenna out of touch symbol.

A dex tech said to do the reset thing with a paper clip and now all it does is vibrate and try to start up again with the green bars but it never does. The other one was totally dead and the button seemd to be malfunctioning so I’m stuck with the touch screen until I can get another one or maybe buy a used one or trade something for one. Ugh.

If I take it out of the case it is less painful to use but then I have no way to clip it to my belt.

Any ideas how to get it working again?