Dexcom G5 transmitter

Hello everyone I haven’t been on here in quiet some time. The site looks different so if this is in the wrong place I’m sorry.

So I’ll make this quick, I am due to switch from G5 to G6 in 3 weeks but I still have 24 Dexcom sensors. I have 2 boxes unopened from Edgepark with 3 boxes of 4 sensors in each.

I called Edgepark and they said sorry cannot help you, and Dexcom basically said the same thing but gave me a phone number of a local rep in Ca even though I’m in Ma.
I love my Dexcom but eating 24 sensors hurts. I don’t even know how I got so many left, but does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do?

I have seen people/companies selling refurbished G5’s but now I am concerned they have been sitting around to long.

My current transmitter is due to expire in 3 weeks, and my new G6 is supposed to ship on Oct 19 but that’s more money and the thought of not being able to use these sucks. I’m on an auto-ship schedule but it’s not like they send them that often and most I’d ever go with sensor is 10 days cause I workout and they don’t stick well and I don’t buy the tagaderm due to price. Please anyone in a similar situation? Thanks all

I was in a similar situation with G4. I purchased a refurbished G4 transmitter on Amazon and worked out well. The seller claimed the battery was put in within a couple days of shipment.

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The company I was looking at actually states “that batteries start running down once refurbished not when activated” So the fact they say that makes me think along with good feedback they are reputable.

Kind of funny how I’m looking to buy a transmitter for the older G5 when insurance will pay for most of my G6 other than copay but it’s principal not being able to use 24 sensors. That’s like 6 months worth if you change em when you supposed to. So I may just bite the bullet and buy a refurb before they are all gone as well. I cannot be the only one in this situation.

I appreciate your response and that does make me feel better. I wish Dexcom would be that company that takes them back and trades them for G6 transmitters, would be a good customer relation story considering they aren’t the only one I can use. I wear an omnipod as well so not tied down to them. Alright I’ll stop before I get myself in trouble. Take care MM1

Like @MM1, I used a re-batteried G4 transmitter in order to use up a supply of G4 sensors. When Dexcom chose to shut down the G4 server on June 30, 2020, I had used up most of my supply and then switched to the G6.

I had started getting supplies for the G6 several months before that time so I was able to build up a safety supply of G6 transmitters and sensors.

I gave away a couple of G4 receivers and a box or two of G4 sensors to people grateful to receive them. One of those people was a person with diabetes in France who was trying to get up and running on Loop. I felt good about that.

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