Dexcom - Diasend - Mac Computer

I have found it.
If you use a Mac and an Animas Pump, sign up for Diasend as an International user. You, and your doctor, can read the history from your Dexcom over Diasend. Currently, FDA (for which I have nothing nice to say) has not approved DiaSend for Dexcom in the USA but thanks to the Internet, we have a work around.

So now there is a way to integrate all of your meter, pump, and CGM data in one place. Additionally, if you put your carbs into your Dex with your bolus doses, you get fantastic data for analysis.


Jay thanks for the info! Not sure where to put in the Dex information at. Would it be in with glucose meters?

I couldn't figure out how to set up an account. And I don't have a cable, anyway. What am I missing about logging in, and can I buy such cable at Radio Shack?

When you are in Diasend upload, the Dex is detected automatically via cable in the USB and Dex together. Remember, you must have set up your account as INTERNATIONAL.

Dexcom comes with their proprietary cable. Sign into Diasend, tag international, and upload. Radio Shack is not a medical equipment dealer.

Thanks Jay.

Natalie; If you should have gotten two cables with your dexcom one for recharging and one for hooking up to your computer. If you don't have the one for hooking up to your computer i would call dexcom.

Thanks for your help Jay. I kept forgeting to download the info after I got it hooked up. This makes a big difference looking at your BG's.

Natalie what part are you hung up on with the log in?

Additional pearls of wisdom for the Dexcom.
1) every time you dose insulin, do a finger stick and enter it in Dexcom. This will keep the trend closer to where you really are. There are others here who say just the opposite. I have had a Dex on me for three years this month, called Dex Support, had the math explained to me so I can understand it and now believe I can share with credibility.
2) use all of the event markers you can on Dexcom. Carbs, Insulin, Exercise, Health, etc. When you review your graphs in either DM3 or Diasend, you have all of the markers.
3) Do not be discouraged. I have had those days when... Dex is a tool and all tools require knowledge and practice in their use to obtain the desired results. Think - How many times do you need to use a hammer before you quit hitting your fingers occasionally?
4) FDA is both foe and friend. Their rules are to protect us but sometimes, they go overboard. We need to collectively keep the pressure on FDA to work for us and not against us.

Just my two cents worth.

If you have the Dexcom G4, it is just a run-of-the-mill microUSB-->USB cable, which is the standard for Android phones and tablets, among others. But for the Seven or Seven+, yeah, the USB cable is proprietary. I'm sure if you've misplaced it the wonderful people at Dexcom will replace it for you.

Hi Jay - maybe I'm being really stupid but how do you tag international ? I only get the option to choose a country.

Hi Jay

I successfully uploaded the Dexcom G4 and Omnipod PDM data to Diasend after creating an international account (30-day trial). But the Endo can only see the Omnipod data, not the Dex. Any insight on this?

I was so happy to read your workaround because the technology of these devices is awesome, but the lack of integration and lack of mac compatibility is not.

My endo can read international. There may be a couple updates missing. I know I have had several Diasend updates recently. Sorry for the delay in replying.