Dexa Scan

Has anyone had a Dexa scan? Do I need to take off my sensor or pump?

Dexa is X-Ray based, so I’d treat it as such.

Pumps are electronic devices, so they can be affected by X-Rays so I’d definitely take that off.

CGM sensors really shouldn’t be affected, but the transmitter could. If you can remove the transmitter, I would.

I’ve had my pump and my CGM x-ray’d several times with no ill effects, but YMMV.


Yes I have and yes you should.

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I recently has a “skeletal survey” done (full body xray scan). When the tech saw the dexcom transmitter, she asked if I would like it shielded. I said yes and she brought a 'baby bib" lead shield used for infants, has what looks like a hair headband attached to it. she put it around my arm covering my dexcom and performed the scan (I took my T:Slim off though). no effects to my transmitter or readings.

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I’ve been through airport scanners with my dexcom transmitter without issues.

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Thanks for all your answers. Luckily my appt is a few hours before my sensor expires. So I will not lose much time when I take it off,