Dexcom and xray

I need an xray done of my knee. I called dexcom to see if its ok that I get an xray or if it would mess with my dexcom device. She said they didn’t have any data on it.
I assume if I’m covered with a lead apron, and with the xray being of my knee, I should be ok…? Any thoughts?

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I have heard stories about people breaking bones and getting rushed to X-rays before they even think about their Dexcom…and everything is fine.

I know this is just anecdotal.

Could you possibly time it with a sensor-change so you can go in without the Dexcom just to be on the safe side?

I have really bad anxiety so to be without it would be awful.I was thinking it should be ok, I just was curious if anyone had experience with it.

Never had an issue with my Dexcom sensor or receiver with dental x-rays.

I always take my pump and dexcom off before any xrays or scans etc. just in case.

Dexcom specifically says not to X-Ray the receiver or the transmitter. If you are wearing you sensor on your abdomen you should simply ask for a lead apron around your body while they X-Ray your knee. If you end up in a situation where you “absolutely must” X-ray the site where your sensor is placed then you need to make a decision. Risk damaging your transmitter or not. At least with Dexcom, they are apparently good about in warranty replacement of failed transmitter and receivers. The thing to understand is that they have not studied the ability of either the transmitter or receiver to withstand X-Rays and they specifically say in their guide not to X-Ray the devices. If you knowingly X-Ray them, you may have to bear the burden of abusing the device.

So interesting that you asked this question…I just inquired about this with a dexcom rep as I am considering a CGM. I am a speech pathologist and as part of my job I complete swallowing studies under X-ray with my patients (3-4 studies daily). Therefore, this was important info for me! Dana Lewis with Dexcom responded by saying that the dexcom was only affected by magnetic imaging, such as MRI or CT scan. Regular X-ray/fluoroscopy is ok! Hope this helps!!

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My 2 cents, take it off. I always do and it always works afterward.

Are you talking about Dana Lewis of DIYPS fame? I don’t believe she has ever been with Dexcom. I would recommend reading the Dexcom G5 User guide or calling Dexcom if you really want the position of Dexcom on this.

I walked into the MRI suite to assist someone and the next day I had to replace my sensor. My transmitter was okay thank God!

Update: I put a lead apron on. 2 days later, everything is fine

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I travel every week. My Dexcom receiver has been through the x Ray over 100 times and works perfectly. Just like my phone and other electronic devices. I have not x rayed the transmitter, but it has been through the metal detector many times and works perfectly.

My Medtronic pump mysteriously failed after a carotid artery ultrasound/scan. Another time, after a mammogram. It did survive an airport full-body scan. In each case, there was just a lot going on and thoughts about the pump were far away. Now, I don’t go near x ray, MRI or ultrasound without leaving all my technology in another room. Same for CGM - fully shielded from xrays, nowhere near MRI.

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