Dexcom 1st Insertion Let Down

We had our Dexcom training & 1st insertion appointment yesterday, and we were so excited. My daughter, age 6, was a little hesitant when it came time for the insertion but in the end she didn't even know it was already done. My daughter is lean and adverse to placing it at the top of her butt so we went with her side (love handle area). I left the appointment in a state of bliss.

And then… within 2.5 hours of putting the sensor on her, the entire thing fell off. We made it through the 2 hour start up and it was plotting her bg for about 20 min when I got an hourglass that would not go away. We were in a restaurant so I just put the receiver away and decided I would look into it when we got home. In the mean time my daughter decided to go to the bathroom and when she pulled down her clothing I noticed the sensor was not stuck to her and longer and was not inserted. There was hardly any tackiness to the adhesive at all. I was incredibly disappointed. I mean I had read of the adhesive problems, but my flex fix tape hasn't come in yet and I thought for sure we'd be able to get through a day or 2, but less than 3 hours really!

I did call the Dexcom tech support and they are sending me a replacement sensor at no charge. The guy was also the first person I've had admit that "it is difficult to keep the sensor on kids, so don't be surprised if it happens again".

I've decided not to put on another sensor until we get the flex fix tape in and I'm considering the back of the arm. From what I can tell parents seem to be getting the most longevity out of the back of the arm placement. Thanks for letting me rant. Here's to the next attempt going a lot better.

Our Dexcom sticks pretty well even through hours of swimming. We have a problem with rashes, so we use Coloplast barrier wipes followed by Skin-Tac wipes (which stay tacky) to help it stick. Then it is important to use one of the wipes and go over the edges of the tape and the skin together.

Just wanted to add a quick update that our Dex sensor has successfully stayed put on my daughter for 3 days thanks to a new site location and the very awesome Flexifix.

Two words: Opsite Flexifix.