Dexcom 5 question

I just removed my first sensor that worked well for 3 weeks. I am now not getting any connection so it is time to remove the sensor. Is that because the sensor is old or could something be wrong with the transmittor? I don’t want to put a faulty transmittor on the new sensor, since I am not sure how to remove the transmittor but salvage the sensor yet. Thank you.

Nothing to worry about–the sensor ages and slowly fails (erratic readings, dropouts, etc.). Congrats on getting 3 weeks out of your first sensor!

Even no connection at all?

Sorry, guess I didn’t understand your question. Check the Bluetooth setting in your phone and make sure it is “on” (if you use an iPhone). I have accidentally turned it off before. Also check that the sensor is fully seated–I have knocked mine out of place and just snapped it back in. Otherwise, call Dexcom–the tech support is very good. In the event there is something wrong with either a sensor or transmitter, Dexcom will replace it quickly so no worries on that score.

I called Dexcom and they had me turn off my bluetooth … wait 10 seconds … and turn it back on. I had tried to reset it earlier but did not wait 10 seconds. I am back in business.

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My indications of failure are noise on the sensor readings, unexplained rises and falls and then the dreaded dropout which is indicated by the ???.