3 Sensor Failures this week - What's going on?

I have had 3 different sensors (from two different shipments) fail in less than a week. The first and third failed in a few hours of putting the sensor in and never gave any readings, and the second worked pretty well for 4 days with the occasional "???" before dying.

I have never had such bad luck before, and can't figure out what's going on. I haven't taken any meds that could be causing the failures or putting it in any weird spots. Could it be that my transmitter is dying? Has anyone had this happen before? I've been using the same transmitter since September 2009...

I would suggest calling Dex. It seems to me that I remember being told that the transmitters usually last only about a year or so. If you have been using this one since 2009, I would say you are way ahead of the game! It may very well be time for a replacement.
Please let us know what you find out!

I had two sensors crap out in less than a week. In the past, I could always get almost 2 weeks out of every sensor by stopping and restarting. It made me wonder if they did something to the sensors so that they would not last more than a week. I remember listening to a presentation by a Dexcom executive who seemed puzzled that users were restarting to get another week out of the sensors...clearly he did not realize that over time there is improved accuracy.

The age of your transmitter has nothing to do with the multiple ???s followed by sensor death. In my experience, the only thing that happens with an old transmitter is that it transmits for a shorter distance.