Dexcom 7 Plus Sensor and Tegaderm

I bought a bunch of those Tegaderm patchs they are 4" X 4 3/4", i just finish the sensor insertion process and then put the whole patch over the transmitter and everything, it sure does protect while taking showers, and I intend to take a YMCA “Water Yoga” class this winter.

I have read where some who use the Tegaderm talk about cutting out the center? Is that really needed? Does it cause any problem if the entire Transmitter and Adhesive is covered with the Tegaderm?

Thanks for any help in sorting this out.


Hey Estel,

yes, I am one who cuts a hole in the center of the Tegaderm, and the reason for this is that I’ve read in some documentation that the transmitter should not be covered by tape or other means, so I follow that advice.

On the other hand, Tegaderm is so thin that I don’t believe it’s a problem to cover the transmitter with it… I like it being flush to the white oval pad and the skin, and to do that you have to cut a hole in the middle.

Let us know if all works well by having Tegaderm cover the transmitter.

Ciao, Luca

there is a note in the user manual about cutting out the center of a Tegaderm patch so you don’t cover the transmitter. I can’t imagine that blocks the signal, but the idea of water either pooling or condensing under the patch makes sense to me. I tried some liquid bandaid on the 6th day to seal the edges of the senor down and it’s now day 10 and working perfectly.

Ok, Thanks all,

Just off the phone with Dexcom Tech Support, who says: “cut the whole for the transmitter” and don’t worry about the Water Yoga class, transmitter will be fine. Thanks to all who responded.


When I had my trial transmitter they told me I could go ahead and put the tegaderm over the whole thing or cut a hole for the transmitter, either would work. I did find that when I removed the tegaderm from the transmitter it left the top of the transmitter rather sticky. I used some medi-sol to get it off and, with a little scrubbing, that worked fine but in order to keep the transmitter in top condition I’d say in the future I will cut the hole so I don’t have to get rid of the stickiness.

Hi Luca,

My daughter is on day 3 of her Dexcom CGM. I’m noticing that the edges of the sensor are starting to roll up- not much but enough to cause concern.

I would like to try tegaderm. Can you tell me what size patch you’ve found to work best? Where do you purchase it from? How many patches are included? Cost per package? I’m looking for more bang for my buck! Do you usually apply it at the same time you insert your sensor or do you use it on a case-to-case basis?

Thank you in advance, Kaits_Mom

Hi Kaits_Mom,

I regularly use Tegaderm 1624W which is 2 3/8" x 2 3/4". I apply the patch, after cutting the hole with scissors in the middle, just as I apply a new sensor. Sometimes I need to change the Tegaderm during week 2 of the sensor, in case it starts to peel off. This size covers the oval white sensor tape almost perfectly, save a little bit in length, but this is not an issue. Tegaderm is very thin yet very durable, and I take multiple showers with very little peeling off.

I bought a pack of 100 1624W on eBay for less than 30 bucks, and have used just a few for now. Just go on eBay and select how many you want, the price is right online. I did find the first few I tried at Walmart, but a much higher price than eBay.

Hope this was helpful. You’ll see how Dexcom will help you and your daughter, believe me!

Ciao from Milan, Italy!


Thanks for responding,

I tried cutting the hole, just the right size in the Tegaderm, but when I went to the YMCA for my water Yoga class, my BG went thru the roof over 250 from the pool water, so I am back to (no hole) a complete tegaderm patch, which seems to be working fine. Thanks for helping all.

I used to cover my Dexcom sensor completely with Tegaderm and had no problems with it sending signals to the receiver. However, after a while I noticed that my skin was all red and broken out. I had to switch to Tegaderm HP (which is hypo-allergenic) and also very hard to find in smaller quantities (even online). About the only reason I use the Tegaderm HP is so the edges of the adhesive on the Dexcom patch don’t start curling up too early. I average 11-16 days on most of my sensors.


I’ve just got my Dexcon and haven’t attached one yet but I have been using Omnipods for 4 years. What i do with them is rub my skin briskly with IV Prep and stick the pod on. I then paint the exposed tape with the remaining IV Prep which waterproofs it.When I talked to my Dexcom trainer on the phone she said not to put anything near where the sensor goes in but it is a good idea to paint the exposed tape with IV Prep to water proof it and keep the tape edges from curling.She said some Dexcom users rub the IV prep in a circle avoiding where the sensor goes in and then paint the exposed tape. She says that works well. My Omnipods do not fall off and I sweat a lot. I’ll try that and let you know. Andy

I also use the Omnipod Andy and have never had a problem with them falling off either (well, except once and I made them replace that one…). I think the thing that I struggle with on the Dex is just the length of time it is on. After about 7 days the edges start to peel up and then on day 10 or so it’ll fall off if I don’t apply extra tape. It’s just the extra time. I haven’t heard about coating the outside of the tape though so I’m glad you posted, I’ll have to try that!