Dexcom connection to Garmin via ANT+

Has anyone gotten this to work? Any idea where to search for information. As a cyclist it is very hard to monitor BG data while cycling. This would be a huge step forward. Thanks.

The simple way (velcro on the back of the Dex, it’s strong enough to survive the Roubaix so it should cope with most things). Once home you can then combine the Garmin data with the Dexcom’s in Excel or something. I believe (remember a talk once) that it could be possible to do it all through Tidepool but it’s not been setup for the Garmin side of things so it would need you to actually make that part:

Directly the two won’t talk, the Dex uses it’s own frequency which isn’t Bluetooth or Ant+, so you won’t get your Dex readings to get onto the Garmin (the Garmin is heavily proprietary anyhow so won’t allow you to add custom apps or anything anyhow so adding anything not Garmin isn’t going to happen).

You could with a bit of jiggery pokery use something like a Raspberry Pi (Zero preferably for size and battery life) and connect it with an Ant+ receiver and a Xdrip. This could then display your BG directly off the Dexcom sensor (no need for the receiver) and also take Garmin sensor data together (will need to get a small screen for it but those are pretty cheap). Tere’s plenty of code around to show how to receive data off a Garmin on a Pi, and the Xdrip also on Github. And basically end up building your own bike computer.

Alternatively you could use a mobile phone but it would need to have Ant+ (some of the higher end new Garmin’s do have bluetooth support so that could possibly be avoidable) and then all you would need was an Xdrip to send to the phone…would mean having to power it though if the screen is on all the time for riding info, and then having to write an app which would take the Garmin data and Xdrip data and put it together.

I have my Dex receiver velcroed to the handle bars already. The problem is that it is virtually unreadable in sunlight and thus while moving (and not all that easy to read when stopped). The Garmin readout is clear and concise and would enable more real time monitoring.

I [quote=“bbogart, post:1, topic:53027”]
As a cyclist it is very hard to monitor BG data while cycling.

I have an iPhone holder on my bike. If you have a G4 Share, you can get the Share app and view it on your phone (I think they have it for Android now as well). I upgraded to G5 so I have that app as well, but I find the Share interface easier to read so I still use it when I’m biking.

Ah sunlight wise is always a pain. Can shade with your hand a bit or possibly try a bit of polarising screen cover cut down to fit the Dex.

The Garmin handles speed cadence and HR in a very small light package. It would just be so much nicer to have it all in one device. How visible is the iPhone in sunlight? How long will the battery last? Can you use it for a 5 hour ride? Thanks.

I find it quite visible in sunlight and never have any battery problems, though my rides max out at about an hour to an hour-and-a-half. But the phone holds a charge for longer than 5 hours.

I do not know much about any Garmin devices or ANT+, but you may take a look at this Nightscout widget for Garmin. At the very least the developer may have better ideas about what has been done or what could be done related to what you are looking for.

Nightscout requires having a consistent internet connection. At least that is my understanding. While riding we are often out of cell phone range so it is not really practical. The frustrating thing is that the Dexcom is like 8 inches from the Garmin. It would so simple to have it communicate directly to get BG readings without having to go into the “cloud” or through six other interfaces. Just sayin’ in case Dexcom or Garmin are listening.

If you have a G5, you could use xDrip on Android and a Pebble watch without the internet.

You might even be able to get the Garmin to display with the help of the nightscout community…not all of their setups require internet.

I have not tried to do it via ANT+ but it works flawless via nightscout.
My garmin is not just a cool gadget anymore. This is a true gamechanger.

Progress is the last 3 years. Both Garmin and Wahoo cycle computers now receive from Dexcom G6 and display the BS reading directly on the cycle computer. It’s not ANT+ but who cares. It works. Quite reliable. At least on Wahoo!

How do you get blood glucose reading on Wahoo and/or Garmin bike computers?