First 24 Hrs

Yesterday afternoon, I received my new Dexcom Seven+ system. Yay! Within minutes of training, I was hooked up and all ready to go. I left my other CGM on just for comparison purposes.

(my picture is upside down! I dont’ know how to fix it, but both of the readings and graphs are very similar.)

So far, they’ve both been pretty well on the same “page” with each other. The dexcom does seem to be more sensitive to my lows so far though. Neither one really followed my high yesterday though, but came close. I’ve also already left the darn thing at home for a couple of hours. I’ll have to get used to carrying it with me I guess.

But I do like how much louder it is when it alarms at night. Definitely scared the crap out of me when it alarmed overnight. Which is a good thing.

I’m not saying I’m in love yet, but I’m in “like” with it. :slight_smile:

Congrats. A great help and one that I always miss when I don't have it on.

Hope it works out great for you! I'm waiting for Dexcom to work with Omnipods. Hopefully soon. I do hope the alarm volume is adjustable.

Also, do you use Windows 7? You can rotate any pic just by right clicking on the filename, then choosing "rotate clockwise" or "rotate counter clockwise" Or in Windows Picture Viewer there are arrows for rotating right or left.

@Scott - Umm, I think it's windows 7. I'll try to see if that works. :-) Thanks for the help!