Dexcom Adhesive Allergy

I have recently developed an allergic rash to the Dexcom G6 adhesive. Anyone else having this problem?

Here are suggestions from Dexcom website.

I have been using Dexcom G6 for about 7 months. Never had a problem with skin irritation until a new sensor shipment arrived. First two sensors out of the box have caused a NASTY rash. Common sense says they must have switched adhesives.

YES! It started a few years ago…I have to use a barrier bandage or I get a very bad itchy raised red welt. Prior to a few years ago I was fine and I figured that they started using a new adhesive. The barrier bandages I use aren’t cheap.

It happened to me. I started using a Flonase type nasal spray, and that worked for me. After I swabbed the application area with alcohol and let it dry, I sprayed Flonase to the site and rubbed it in. I let that dry then applied the sensor. I still do the same procedure now that I use the G7. Good luck. That irritation was just awful.

Second the Flonase.

Really, Flonase? I thought people were kidding with that suggestion. I guess I’ll give it a try. Thanks

Any steroid will lessen an immune hypersensitivity reaction.