Dexcom G6 sensor site irritation?

Lately I’ve noticed when I move the G6 sensor site, I have a patch of redness and irritation at the old site. I have never noticed this before. Awhile back, Insulet changed the adhesive formula for its Omnipod pumps and I got the same kind of reaction on pump sites. This was just temporary, as Insulet changed the adhesive again and the irritation went away. Has anyone else experienced this?

There are lots of stories about this and lots of suggestions to deal with it. Search your post description

I actually didn’t find much useful in a search, except for one post from 2018 that said Dexcom was going to change the adhesive in the G6. I actually haven’t had problems until very recently, the last month or so.

I thought I was allergic to a Dexcom adhesive change, but turns out it was just a new allergy to the Skin-Tac I’d been using to keep the Dexcom stuck on better. The allergy didn’t start till I was half-way through a box of wipes.

I got a bulk supply of the generic Flonase from sam’s club for a great price. That stuff is expensive otherwise. But the trick of misting it on thick and letting it dry before applying the Dexcom sensor (and coincidentally for me, before applying the skin-tac) really helped with the allergic reaction. At least for a few days. When the itching started driving me mad again, soaking the Dexcom tape with more flonase got me through another few days. Rinse, and repeat.

  1. Alcohol or i.v. prep, let dry.
  2. Flonase, let dry.
  3. Optional Skin-Tac or other adhesive, wait till tacky.
  4. Dexcom sensor.
  5. Re-apply Flonase as necessary.

I’ve heard of other people being able to get prescription topical solutions for allergies to use instead.

Allergies change. I was horribly allergic to medtronic sets. Now only mildly.
I’ve never been allergic to dexcom. I’m not allergic to tandem sets even though they are made by the same company.
I’m allergic to tagederm, not to to iv3000.