Dexcom alerts every 5 minutes on Android app

I use my Dexcom with my Samsung Galaxy S20FE. In the app, I have the high alert set with a repeat alarm for 30 minutes. However, the alarm goes off every 5 minutes. It’s super annoying, and very distracting, but I don’t want to take it off completely, because I do want to be alerted when it’s going up. Does anyone have ideas on how to fix this issue?

Try deleting the alert, then reboot.

Then enter again.

(just a guess that this will clear it out and get it right this time, maybe clear out memory.)

Still not working, call dexcom support.

I don’t use the dexcom app. Use xDrip on my android.


I have a Samsung Galaxy A71, and I think most Samsung Galaxy act in the same way. Try setting all your low and high repeat to Never. The Urgent low repeat defaults to 30 mins and can’t be changed. By doing this you will find that you only get repeat alarms every 5 minutes when your BG meanders. Let’s say you set your high to 130. When you blow through 130 you will get an alarm and then no more alarms unless you keep dropping below 130, then every time you climb back through 130 (meander), you get an alarm. You can play with a few other settings in your phone to further tweak your desires. One of my favorites is the alert schedule, Normally I keep my BG very steady and my high is set to 120. If I go to eat with others, I will easily blow through that 120, so in order not to annoy everyone, use the set schedule settings which I named party and my high is set to 180. First alarm goes off at 180 and then that is the last alarm unless I meander around 180. When I am back home, I turn Alert Schedule off and go back to my regular settings. You can also set your alarm to vibrate which you feel with your phone in your pocket but does not annoy others. Lots and lots of permutations and combinations are available. Before this phone, I was on HTC for a few decades and the settings were nearly identical.

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baseball bat?

Thanks! I’ll give this a shot. Fingers crossed that will solve the problem.

LOL!!! I’ve been tempted, believe me. :grin:

Thank you. I’ll give that a try. I’m not familiar with xDrip.

Are you opening the app and clicking OK on the High Glucose Alert message? The app will keep repeating the alert for every sensor reading until either the reading is no longer high or you acknowledge the alert. I know the low alerts will sound again 30-45 minutes after being acknowledged, dunno if the high alerts do the same.

If you are acknowledging the alert in the dexcom app and its still repeating I suggest looking in the Android Settings app at your notification settings.

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Thank you! I think this was my issue all along. I was swiping the notification away, but not opening the app to acknowledge the alert. I feel dumb. Thanks for helping me out!

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I hope that works for you. Of course now you aren’t going to get a high alert for 6 months and won’t remember this. =)

Don’t feel dumb, you aren’t the lunatics that wrote an app that fails to respond to clearing the notification on both Android and iOS.