Dexcom phone app: Scheduled Alerts

I woke up this morning to see that the Dexcom app on my iphone had updated and that the new version (1.7.5) allows for 1 set of scheduled alerts to be called out separately from my primary alert settings. I’m giving it a try since I normally change all of my phone alerts to OFF at night anyway. (my pump provides alerts at night) Now I can have the phone do that automagically. I wish I could have a setting for weekday nights and another one for weekend nights but even having 1 timed change saves me the trouble of remembering and manually disabling all my alerts each evening and re-enabling them in the morning. I’m curious as to whether other folks have given this a try and if so how its worked out for you.

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I turned off “always sound” when the app updated. With only 1 schedule on the Dexcom app, they have essentially duplicated the iPhone “Do Not Disturb” which I prefer.

I still wish they would allow changing urgent lows to vibrate like they used to. The alarm is way too loud when I am in meetings, where I would prefer the vibrate.

yeah… the one other scheduled setting is nice… though it could be better… ie: weekends.

So right now I just have it set to vibrate during the day… and not at night. The ultra loud “urgent low” alert is a pain. I guess they needed to make it uncontrollable by the user in order to get FDA approvals. I had talked to them when they rolled out that mandatory setting…and at the end asked them to at least make more alerts that are quite as jarring.

Do you use your phone to check the number? iphone?