DexCom and I

4 housr after I got the sensor and Dexcom going… I didn’t think the DexCom was going to work because the receiver was doing ???.. So I got the User’s guide and started reading it again… First thing is After lunch I wasn’t feeling to good… headache, stomach was hurting and felt like I was going to throw up… The High alarm started going off So I checked my BG with the Ultra meter then did the calibration… It kept reading ???.. The user’s guide said that One of the reasons was your glucose readings are rapidly rising or rapidly falling… I wasn’t feeling too well so my BG reading on the DexCom couldn’t keep up… Then When I felt better, the DexCom didn’t have the ??? anymore I started reading my BG every 5 min… After a long night, DexCom and I did every good together and I’m very PLEASE with it… Why did I have a long night, my BG fell into a low and the DexCom did inform me… :} :} :}

How exciting! I will be following your journey, as I am thinking of going down this road myself. Does your insurance cover anything for you? How long are you finding you can wear your inserts?