DexCom Nightmare!

last night I starteded my very first DexCom! I was happy the first infusuion or whatever its called was easy and painless!

TODAY MY BG WAS ALL OVER THE PLACE! I woke up with 40! went up to 220 in one hour then went into another sever down around noon then was above 300 all afternoon! now im falling down from 180 to 60 in half an hour!


ps. just as i finished typing this i hit 51 and still going down though suspended my pump and had some sweets :confused:

40 and going down!!!

Don’t trust what it says unless your meter agrees. Sometimes the sensors act crazy the first day, and sometime you can get a bad sensor that acts up the entire week. I get numbers like this pretty often and never treat a blood sugar without testing on my meter first. When they behave they are great to have. When not working right, they can drive you insane.

Ummm… the machine isn’t the nightmare it’s the disease.

ya its driving me crazy with all the work I have in school … im hoping that im the bad driver here and i will learn more about it!. thx for your reply

I am also having a similar problem (although not as extreme as yours) with my new Dexcom system as well. See weird Dexcom Trend It might be a similar issue, or you may just have a bad sensor, which would be horrible luck to have on the first sensor. I believe that my sensor is reading very differently when I am standing vs when I am sitting, are you noticing the same issue?

thats weired! I have no idea!

Are you doing blood glucose testing to verify/compare with the Dexcom? I find that the first day of a new sensor is wacky; things settle down after that.

I am entering reading at least twice a day if not more :confused: this is really getting worse. today i woke up of a nap to find i reached 400 i was shaking in fear while double checking the reading with my accu-chek to find it 160! THAT WAS EVIL DEXCOM!