Dexcom anyway to bypass 7 day shutdown

That is the question. Seems like when I restart takes 2-3 days to get accurate readings again – if I could continue using without restarting would be much for effective. Seems like some type of software update could do that.

I DO also, but would like to bypass 2nd and 3rd “START SENSOR”

It has been my understanding that the companies who produce any CGMS are limited by the rules and regulations by the FDA, so whatever the FDA says is what goes. Therefore, companies are required (I believe) to program their CGMS systems for certain time frames (MiniMed CGMS 3 days, Dexcom 7 days.) That being said, at least the restarts on the Dex are so way much easier than the MM!
One thing I have been trying is when I come to the restart on the Dex, if my first calibrations are “close” to what the ending result was, it seems to get with the program a bit quicker. Just a thought.

I haven’t had any problem with the restarted sensor going back to being less accurate the first couple of days. It pretty much immediately tracks similar to what it did before shutoff. I do tend to give the Dex more calibrations the first 24 hours or either the first start or the restart. Around 3 or 4 depending on bg range instead of every 12 hours.

I’ve always assumed the variance the first 12 to 24 hours was more due to the immune system response to the sensor.

I realize that DEXCOM probably can’t do what I want done, but I was hoping someone smarter than me had made a software patch that I could use. Thank you, and it really isn’t that big a deal. jim